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The Business Cards Theory for pumping B2B Marketing on Facebook



Business cards are something most people want to have made for themselves and their companies. Some people even tend to become Business Card sluts, meaning that they immediately give business cards to everybody they meet. They give it to them without thinking (pun alert).


Intriguingly enough, doing so actually gets them work. I’m guessing this would be the most ethical form of spam. Because you see, it’s rather ridiculous not to accept a business card. The question is not “Why would I?”, it’s really just “Why wouldn’t I?”. You don’t want to offend anyone by not accepting their business card.

SO, in my experience, business cards are things that work best (meaning, work only in) B2B relationships. I’m saying this because when you get a card from somebody who isn’t of use for your company, you just tend to through that card in some pocket and after a few years, when it’s all washed up inside an old coat, you try to figure out the company name and you realize: “It’s gone. That company’s gone. Oh, well. More garbage”.

This last thing of course, doesn’t apply for you if you have a company and the card you receive can get you a new customer, agency, whatever you may be looking for at the time or just realize that “hey! I’ve been needing that. So glad I got this. Lets put this in my wallet, along with my ID, so I don’t lose it.” That, my friends, is a lucky business card, because it’s found itself a lucky posesor, who will use it soon enough.

Get Your Business Cards On Facebook

If you haven’t done this yet, do it right away! I have tried ETHICAL facebook marketing for so long, and by ethical I mean following the exact rules settled by Facebook on how people should use the platform, but it stinks! Most of the reasons why it stinks ever since the 30th of March 2011, are written here.

Now, Facebook will tell you: Don’t create a profile for a Company. But what you should actually do if you care about yourself and your company is DO IT. Yup, go ahead and create a Facebook Profile for your company. You may have to come up with a bit of a strange name for the profile, since they don’t allow numbers, words like “pizza”, “restaurant”, etc anymore.

After you create the profile, bear in mind the following tips. They will help you get that awesome Social Media Business Card that will generate revenue or value to your company.

1. Look Smart.

Make your profile picture look right. Hire Professional Help if you must. It’s important that this is done right. Because this Profile for your Company will be your Business Card on Facebook.

And wait for it… (to be continued soon)

Blogging about consistency makes me wanna be WAY more consistent. And I should.



I currently find myself blogging about “How to Be Consistent?” on a customer’s blog @work and I was thinking: dude, these tips are awesome. I have to really start living by this and finally become consistent. I mean, all the projects that I did manage to work at until the end have been succesful.


No matter what they were: educational software, computer games, historical documentaries, literature projects, marketing stuff, etc.


This is my 135th article for my Cif2 blog. I started it on the 29th of July last year and it’s still on-going. Cool, I’ll have to keep this one up for years to come 😀

Keeping up with my Online Life – Glad I have a Cif2

If you’re working for customers online AND for your own startup and are very active, do research, etc. you will stop at one point and say: “What the F shell is going on?”


STOP. Yes, you will.


And will not understand anything for a while. Well if this happens, it’s clear:


1) You don’t have a Cif2


2) Maybe you have one, but just don’t use it right.


I’ve personally made a MyShack cif2, where I keep up with all the stuff I read, my Tea recipes (which are awesome, btw) and lately with my Web Places. I have accounts and stuff in so many parts all over the web, that it’s killing me because I never know what I have where. And I also can’t remember all those places.


So right now I’m storing them on My Shack. And it gives me peace of mind.


Do you have a My Shack ?

Let’s get Techy


Ok, so after attending How To Web Cluj and listening to all those presentations about mobiles and mobile apps, I’ve decided: Let’s have more MOBILE-ity in


So this morning along with Calin Vingan we worked on making blogs to work awesome on mobile platforms. And it does. It loads fast, it doesn’t show the bar and it doesn’t display the right bar.


Seriously, scan my QR Code. You’ll love it.

Florin Muresan

Florin Muresan. Yup, the real Florin Muresan. I wrote this blog post for two reasons:


1) My blog gets indexed instantyl. I know. It rocks 😀


2) There’s a singer called Florin Muresan, but when people search for Florin Muresan, they want to find me. (at least in my imagination it is so.)


And also, the CBO of is way awesome-er then a singer dude.

How to do Valuable Outsourcing for Your Business ?



As an entrepreneur or any business person who has to take care of certain managerial aspects, you will come across the idea of outsourcing.


Why would you do that ?

Because you’d get some valuable help if you do it right and it will help you and your team focus on the more important things and on what you are good at.


Outsourcing for Dummies


Is there such a title in the series ? Dunno, but what I do know is: is a great place to look for outsourcing.


I don’t really trust the fiverr clones, but I have used fiverr a lot these last two months and I have to tell you: It works and it rocks ! They have some good buyer protection, so even if you wind up with the wrong gig, you’ll get your $5 back.

Let’s think deep for a little.


If you need help, for example, with Usability Tests, how would you outsource it ? Go to ? They charge a whole lot of money. Last I checked it was $99 / per user testing the usability of your website. 

Or ? I’ve heard they’re great, but they charge $39 per user.


The answer is Fiverr


On fiverr, you get some really good people with experience in the domain, testing the usability of your website and providing you with some very good and valuable reviews for .. wait for it.. $5. Yup, it’s legendary !


Of course, there are some spammy gigs around, but I found real value there and some great users. You can talk to them before paying for the gig, to check out if you like them. Some are very professional.


Get testimonials, social media ads, usability reviews, media contacts emails, SEO, backlinks, songs about how awesome your project is, logos, videos, ads, etc.


You can say hello to me while at it!


Because I also offer services on fiverr. Having so many social media contacts I said, why not put them to good use ? Check out my main gig:

Windows 8 Video

Windows 8 will have a very interesting interface, which resembles the awesome interface used in Windows Mobile 7. Normal computers will finally have apps.


I’ve Promoted Lazer Shirts on Social Media and they rock

LazerShirts are my favorite kinds of shirts and I will have to get one of those, because they are so awesome. You’d basically rock every single party wearing those.


Here’s what I learned from them:


Hi! I would love to have you post about my awesome products at! We have a basic video right now that you can post – they can also use the coupon code TENOFF to receive 10% off their entire purchase!

The website should explain our product but we manufacture shirts that are able to be charged with a UV laser, that we include in every purchase.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!


The charge can last up to 20-30 minutes – depending on the brightness of the UV light and the darkness of the room. Typically, charge will hold well for 1-5 minutes then slowly fade, and you can always “erase” the writing by waving the light back and forth then start over!