Cif Talk is finally over – Winners get their Prizes !

Good Morning !

It is a really exciting morning, because we want to give the Prizes you guys won at the Who Is Cif contest 😀

That’s right ! is now officially launched in beta mode and it can already be used by you winners to create all those awesome websites for your projects.

There is already help online in the Help Center and it will get you started right away 😉

You’ll have a lot of cool things to do and many more options will come soon.

Go ahead and test it already ! We will add many cool features to your websites after you create them, so go ahead and start your account ! Is Now Officially OPEN !

Yes, it is ! You can come down to us, on and see what we’ve been up to all of these months.

The blogs we have are awesome ! If you try them, you’ll love them.

There is a Help Center which will help you get started, tutorials and a lot of documentation 😀

Read More about and what it is right here

Can’t wait to see you all on Cif2 😀 

Please note that this is the Beta version of and we are working hard to bring more and more new features.. our labs are busy like crazy 😛 

Dude, where’s my Home ?

No, seriously.. where is my home ? If I were a twitter addict, I would say: “Home is where I hang my @ at”.. but since I am a CIf2 Development addict, I’d say “Home is the office”.

Now does that sound sad ? I sure hope it doesn’t, because it’s something great ! For those of you who know me, I know this made you apply Face-Palm tactics, but dude: Cif2 is gonna be so great, I can’t wait to see it up and running !

We, the team behind Cif2, have decided we’ll launch it this week ! Yes, this week, and not a second later.

We’ve been a little workaholic lately, but seriously, if you’d work on you’d totally understand 😀

There are too many awesome things about the whole project and many many more to come, our mind is just running wild.

I’m going to Milan, Italy this week, so I really want to be sure we launch it before my leave! I couldn’t really enjoy my trip otherwise.

More news soon guys !

By the way, if you’re into Tech, why don’t you follow  cif2tech ? One of the many interesting things we have in store for you.

cif2, technology 

Top App for Cif2 – will it kill wordpresses and blogspots ?

Cif2, blogs

Cif2 is in pre-launch phase and it’s actually just Alpha for now.

We’ve sent some people the link to sign up and try it out and I’ve been simply WOW-ed by the first thing they all told me:

” Florin, I couldn’t find an app to Pull my articles from blogspot to my Cif2 Blog. Please make one, I really want to switch platforms.

To be honest, we already had the idea to do that, but people have actually requested it a lot. A real Surprise ! I really think that Cif2 will win by Speed and Easy Management.

I’ve already let go of the blogspot platform I’ve been using for my The Marketing and two friends of mine already switched platforms for their blogs (one switch and one blogspot switch).

Now I really can’t wait to launch CIf2 ! And also to make the many new apps we have in plan ! 

Session 7 of Cif Talk with @heerbol

Hello, there ! Hope you’ve had your coffee and another coffee for me as well.

I’ve just talked to Ge Henning, also known as @heerbol on Twitter. This was not your usual “Hey! what are you planning to do? Oh, a lot and I’m glad you can help” kind of Cif Talk session. Not by far.

Ge is a great guy, someone you can actually have a conversation with on Twitter and I knew he had an awesome blog . I will not give you any spoilers, you’ll have to check it out. And say whatever you want, I really think it’s interesting to follow.

But Ge here is the first winner at the Who Is Cif contest whose project could not benefit from Cif2. Yes, that’s true and as I hate “aggressive marketing ” I did not want to push the issue further. He only has a simple blog, on which he posts updates about his work and whose attention he caught (as in University professors). I could have told him to switch platforms, because Cif2 does run faster and it’s a lot easier to post your articles on, but come on !

He simply did not need more then that, because he said he has his own methods of contacting university staff all over the world, so he only posted these for the people who followed him. He did not need to get huge exposure and such. 

Well we told him that he is still a Winner, so any time he needs our help with some other projects or such, he can contact us and we’ll help him. 

I can’t wait to hear more about his project and more from our other winners !

the 6th Session of Cif Talk

6th Cif Talk

Hello everyone ! Hope you’re having an awesome and powerful start of the week and that you’re still closely following the Cif Talks.

I can tell you one thing that I’ve seen related to these Social Media… people are much more engaged on Facebook then on Twitter and this made it harder for me to get in touch with the other winners of the Who Is Cif contest.

But that doesn’t matter, because it’s still ongoing and I’ve talked to Doina Pirau regarding her future activity. I know she is a fashion designer, she actually has some really nice things made and you can see some of them on

Her website isn’t finished, but you can still view them. The website is made in the oh, so very old Cifnet website builder, an older brother of Cif2 (an out-dated older brother :P.. compared to Cif2 of course).

This time my lucky guess was actually lucky because she would like to have her designer website made on Cif2. And that’s just great ! Because she’ll have much better apps to use in her website, including an awesome photo gallery, for much better display of her great work, she can have a blog ( I can haz blog 😀 ) and a simple to use design interface. And we’ll think of more 😉

By using Cif2 she will also learn how to promote her self made products and get some exposure, so they’ll all know what Doina Pirau is all about.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about our winner’s future projects ! and the Confusion

Kick Starter

Some of you may have heard of this, some of you may not, is a place to fund your creative projects.

Seeing that it gained media coverage and stuff, I did a little digging about and saw that hey seemed to be serious. Now the question is: Were they ?

They may have been, for many people who had their projects founded there.

My problem is that I wrote the project for and really wanted to get it up there. I sent the written project to some people and they all said they loved the idea and would really need something like Cif2, that it would truly be a creative and useful thing.

It seems like that wasn’t the opinion of the kickstarter staff. I did not understand why they wouldn’t want to publish our project. I am very sure that many other people would have considered it very helpful and would have backed us up with some funding, so that we may manage to finish all the great tools and all the documentation and the training web show we have in store.

Only today, did I finally understand what the real reason was. I think it was because they’d seen we are a company, yeah they may have seen that it’s Cifnet Ltd. We’re not hiding that, why would we ?

So why did I actually write this post ? I wrote this to inform you that if you ever want to get a project up on kickstarter, you should make sure you do not present it as if it had anything to do with any company and that it isn’t a company project.

Yes, I know it sucks ! 

Guess they think people working at companies aren’t creative and don’t deserve a chance. Way to go !

Philips’ Awesome PR Move – Nigel and Victoria

Why buy ad time on national television, to showcase your new products in the old dull way, when you can throw people 8 great pieces of Youtube vids, for them to digest ?

Seriously, I think this is exactly how the PR guys @Philips thought this through. And I think that it’s seriously a very awesome and creative way to showcase your company’s product.

Instead of just telling people: “Go to the nearest store and buy our products !”, they wonderfully said: “Oh, yes, why don’t you watch that adorable blonde chick who’s testing out some of our products in a very fun-to-watch comedy mini-series ?” 

So instead of a dull commercial message, they actually have you watching a comedy and having quite a good time, while those shiny, tech-y little products make haste into your minds and hearts. 

A smart and creative move ! *applauds

Here’s the first vid from the series: (Am I going to get paid for this ? Probably not 😛 ) 


Cif Talk – Session 5 with April Todds – Twitter

We’ve had our session 5 of Cif Talk, down @ twitter with April Todds, also known as @socialapril.

I was surprised to find out she was not going to do something related to webdesign. As most of you might know, she loves webdesign and coffee 😛 (that’s the DM she sends when you follow her).

It seems like she’s more into music right now and she has a very great plan, which I love and can’t wait to help her with it. We went all DM about it, because she was afraid someone might steal her idea and I had to respect her privacy, but to be honest I can hardly not give you details about her project.

However, she did mention that I could offer you a small hint, so here it is: It’s going to be about Twitter and Music !

Sounds weird ? It shouldn’t ! It’s gonna be awesome 😀 And it’s going to be just an example of what great stuff you can do with Cif2 😉

Well, see you 😀 

Resuming Cif Talk

Hello, everybody !

I know it’s been a while since I last kept you posted about Cif Talk, but we’ve written a presentation on our Cif2 Project and tried to get some funding. As you probably know already we really really want to get this out there for you and for free.

Time will tell if the guys from will do their job right, or just ignore a great project, without even saying why. They seem to be a serious thing. I hope they really are.

The last two sessions of Cif Talk were with April Todds and Doina Pirau. I will post about these two sessions in the following days.

Thus, our Facebook contacts have all been reached and the remaining sessions will be carried out on

Have a great week !