How old is this blog?

Florin Muresan states that this blog dates back to July 2010.

Today is the 9th of April 2016. Holy Shit. This is old!

And why is Florin talking in the 3rd person about himself? Has he gone completely squirrly?

Anyway, this is the oldest blog that I still have on the internet.

I’ve been blogging for like X years, where “X” is a really huge number. I think it’s been 12 years already?

I’ve had multiple blogs.

I even co-founded an awesome (the best) blogging platform:

But that project died in 2012. That’s when I moved all the old content to WordPress. We were already working on Squirrly SEO back then, so I didn’t have time to check everything. Therefore, I’ve lost most of the images and videos in most of the posts.

That’s why if you browse some of the older stuff, you’ll see missing bits of knowledge.

This blog was never intended to be more than a tumblr-like blog documenting my experiences as a founder, stuff I’ve learned, great times I’ve had.

Sometimes I repost (using canonical link, because Squirrly SEO 2016 makes that so easy) fantastic articles from other sites.

There is no aim for this blog.

I’ve written this piece of poetry some months ago. It really describes this blog well:

There’s a story with no title, that no one ever read.

On a bookshelf filled with dust and dreams, it lies on aching dread.

There’s no title to this story, for the title is long gone.

The abyss waits for its redemption, like an everlasting song.

It’s a story you can’t read, for the title makes it weed.

It’s just like all the others, appearing in a time of absolutely zero need.

There’s no story to this title, no action, no beginning and just nothing here to learn.

It’s just a story like no other. With no title, no meaning and it’s just absurd.

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