I’m the CBO, cif !

And I’m also a Founder of CIF2.net which is just awesome 😀

We’ve had a meeting yesterday and have discussed all the ideas we’ve put up in the last 5 to 7 days ! I wasn’t as active online as I used to be, because I was down in my mind’s lab and I’ve come up with a lot of creative ideas for branding, marketing and direction for the Cif2.net brand.

The other Founders, Teodora and Calin Vingan (the CEO) have also made their awesome contributions and I almost didn’t sleep all night, thinking about these.

Now comes the tricky part.. We have to start putting all these ideas into practice and get CIf2.net out there to the whole wide world. Yes, we’re doing that. For starters, besides the International version, there will be a CIf2 in France, in Austria and in Romania.

And there are more things to come.

All in all, I am the CBO, and I’ve never felt happier regarding my profession and the direction my life takes ! 

The world just became a bigger place 😀 

Branding – Taking the brand from your mind to the other minds around you

Ohoo… what’s this all about ?

It’s about managing to explain all of your creative ideas to the others. Do you think it’s easy ?

Well, I find it to be one of the hardest things to do. The whole idea you’re having for your product might be so great for you and for the people in your head, but for the people in the real world you have to do some serious work to make them understand what’s going on in your head.

Stop thinking from your perspective !

Creating a brand in your mind won’t help at all ! You have to unleash it, you have to bring it into the real world. Put all those ideas on paper and see for yourself that suddenly, they don’t seem like too much if you were to just read them, without knowing all those premises from your mind.

Well, well …

The best thing to do is to start writting down your ideas, as concentrated as they are. Then, simply start “breaking” them into smaller pieces. Divide et Impera. You will do this in a Top-Bottom way and it will help you sort out most of the ideas you have and reach out to the details. As you may know, details are very important.

You may not like what you get. If that happens, do some other things that day, then go somewhere inspiring (like Italy :P), listen to Opera, or read a creative book. Then the next day get to work, all coffee in your hand and start writting again. You can organize the writing as you want on a blank, white piece of paper and even draw on it, *stick-figure*-style .

It might really help organizing your ideas and bringing them to a better form, which the others will understand and love. 

Social Media Tips: Organize for faster results !

It is very important that you update all your social media accounts if you want to do some good Social Media PR-ing and also to increase brand awareness.

But you might find out that you have too many accounts already and logging in and out, following/unfollowing, wrting individual updates and […] Man, it started to sound like too much !

I’ve been in the Social Media field for more then a year now, mostly Twitter and Facebook and doing effective work on them for different businesses. Before this, I used to promote a band on Myspace, but let’s face it, Myspace is dead ! 😛

So big deal I’ve been socializing for so long ! Well, it actually is, because I’ve learned a lot and one of the most important lesson was that if you want to do effective marketing on the Social Media, you need to give it A LOT OF TIME ! Yes, and there is no shorter way here .

You may try all sorts of tricks, all sorts of nothings like Click Here and get a Santa Clause 14 ” Figure with Jennifer Aniston in a sexy dress, but come on ! That’s old.. there’s marketing 2.0 AND marketing 3.0 nowadays and foolish tricks won’t work anymore.

What to do then ?

Well, it’s not the End of the World or anything. It’s just that you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to Social Media. And it gets better. If you organize your stuff a little, you can make much better and much more effective marketing, losing less time.

That’s true !

Come back on Monday and I’ll tell you of some free Top Apps to help you in your Social Media crusade 😀

See you then ! 

The problem with blogs

We know that there are many bloggers out there who want to have free blogs.

What are the biggest problems with blogs ? 

You can’t modify the way it looks, only if you know a lot of CSS and HTML or if you pay a shell lot of money to somebody to make it for you.

That is not good !

A blogger should have much more control over his blog and the way it looks.

If you have a blog and you also want a website, you can’t have it in the same place. You need to have a blog here AND a website there… somewhere…

Well why not simply have a Website with a blog incorporated ?

It is a much better thing to have, because your clients don’t get confused. It’s great if they don’t.

That’s why I personally chose to move my http://www.themarketinghealth.com/ to cif2.net

I made the layout in about 5 minutes and I can also have a blog and a website now, a thing that I could not have anywhere else.

What sort of problems did you encounter, fellow blogger ? 

@Mentions not working on Twitter, profiles getting disabled on Facebook for no reason

This is horrbile !

No matter how you look at it, it is horrbile. Maybe you remember a while back, when the Who Is Cif round 1 was on-going, I almost lost a few awesome contest entries because Twitter did not display @replies in search results, so I remembered the names of the persons and had to go to their Twitter timeline and dig for half a day to reach the tweets I wanted.

What could I have done ? Could I just have ignored their entries because Twitter did not work ? And there still is a problem with @replies right now. They said they’ll fix it, but so far no results. 

So be very careful with it and maybe even copy those tweets somewhere so you don’t lose them.

Better than doing this, you could use a website to promote a contest and go to http://disqus.com , take one of those comment boxes and place them into your http://www.cif2.net website. You’ll have a very cool wall, like mine on http://bit.ly/Florin-Muresan-wall . It’s easy as a game !

There are also some very horrible issues with Facebook. Until now, I knew that you could not delete your Facebook profile. So what did they say ? You can’t delete them, but we randomly can !

My friend, Crisan Marius just had his profile disabled by Facebook. The reason ? Unknown ! Facebook just slapped him and I assure you he did not spam or do anything out of the ordinary with his FB profile.

I’m really curious how this will all go, I told him to contact them for support.

Social Media is a powerfull tool, but you just can not trust all your efforts of getting exposure on it. Websites and blogs are still the kings and that’s a fact ! 

Craving for that Level 5 ! – I know this sounds geeky

Yes, I know this sounds geeky, but you don’t understand ! I have to make it to level 5 on http://www.cif2.net . I’ve got 2337 experience and I have to reach 2400 for the new level.

I can haz Level 5 ? 😀 Pretty please ? 😛 I only have to add a few more links to my website and I’m there.. can’t wait.

You know, it’s great that I have to perform thses tasks. They give me rewards and also experience points and coins. No I don’t have any coins left in my account, but I will not buy any.. I’m waiting to get them for free because I do my homework.

So I’m thinking like this.. I only need a few more links to my website. I’ll get those and I’ll get to Level 5 and after that I’ll be able to get a new App, to increase my Upload Size on cif2.net.

Then I’ll get to work and do the other tasks and get even cooler stuff for my blog 😀

Oh, and did I mention how much doing all of these have helped my blog until now ? I’m doing good SEO by performing the tasks and I guess Google’ll give me a better page rank after those 100 links.

So it’s an all-win situation and oh, I love ’em 😀 

Just another day working on cif2.net

Yup, finally concluded it is 😛

It’s really great working for cif2… I just bought myself a sketch book, so that I can sketch out a few ideas I have to promote cif2.net in a very cool and unusual manner. I mean, Cif2 is something you don’t see every day, so the promotion methods and tools should be just the same… crazy !

Also have written down a few ideas regarding future app development for it. Cif2 will definitely be the fastest blogging platform available. And it’s also cool that you will get a lot of real time help in blogging through those new features I’ll want to include.

What we have now is great, but I know that in the future, this awesome Easy As A Game cif2.net free website builder will be at least 10 times bigger. And that’s just until February… Just wait you see what it will get to further on.

Seriously, give it a try ! It’s easy as a game. 

First Who Is CIf Prize given !

Yes, you got that right 😀 Cynthia already made her website at http://www.cif2.net/ and we’ve given her 5000 coins to start with.

Her website is about Tech and Science news magazines and journals and you should really check it out http://www.cynthia.cif2.net/

Now she can get all sorts of cool new apps in her website and if she updates the content of the website and perform tasks and level up she will get even more.

You see ? It’s all easy as a game 😉

We’re waiting for the other winners to claim their accounts at cif2.net. We’ll check them out and send them the coins. They’ll be able to add all the apps very fast.

See you on cif2 😉 And don’t forget: It’s easy as a game !