How I Turned a "Boring" Info About My Startup Into a Must Have Value Proposition

How to Focus


The situation was looking grimm when I had to write the Value Proposition of my startup. Does this sound weird?


Well it might, because you’d think “Wtf? don’t you know what your startup has to offer?” I do know what it has to offer and I guess a lot of people, especially those with a technical background, find it hard to explain it very simple to non-technical consumers.


For me, the way I presented things was awesome! I mean, dude, smartsites! They’re so freaking amazing. They are. But when I had to explain why, I’ve explained the technology, I’ve explained the features of the smartsites builder and not why consumers should care about it.


My blog right here is awesome in it’s own way and I have a certain piece of video for you to watch before writing the value proposition for your startup:


The idea in that Stanford Course is that you should write your value proposition following this template (this way you make it clear to everybody):


ABC (corporation) PROVIDES (category) SOLUTIONS TO (target customer) FOR (purpose) ALLOWS THEM TO (benefit) BY LEVERAGING (unique technology)


Use it. It will do miracles!

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