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Keeping up with my Online Life – Glad I have a Cif2

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If you’re working for customers online AND for your own startup and are very active, do research, etc. you will stop at one point and say: “What the F shell is going on?”


STOP. Yes, you will.


And will not understand anything for a while. Well if this happens, it’s clear:


1) You don’t have a Cif2


2) Maybe you have one, but just don’t use it right.


I’ve personally made a MyShack cif2, where I keep up with all the stuff I read, my Tea recipes (which are awesome, btw) and lately with my Web Places. I have accounts and stuff in so many parts all over the web, that it’s killing me because I never know what I have where. And I also can’t remember all those places.


So right now I’m storing them on My Shack. And it gives me peace of mind.


Do you have a My Shack ?

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