Dragonheart 3: The Sorceror’s Curse is a Romanian Movie

I really love all high fantasy movies, especially those involving dragons. It was surprising to see during the credits scenes that Dragonheart 3 was made a a really large Romanian cast.

Will have to find out more about it. The production and the budget seemed really good.

Some people talk about startups

Some people talk about startups.

I actually create and publish them.

There was a time when it was really nice to follow startups, read about startups, attend networking events and conferences for startups. But sweet pinapples, does everything change when you actually start multiple startups!

If you take a startup as a project (software-based) that you can scale and which needs to have product market fit, then boy, oh boy, did I start quite a lot of those.

I’ve learned a lot from validating and taking products to product market fit:

  • Squirrly SEO
  • ContentLook
  • Starbox PRO
  • Cif2.net
  • Cifnet
  • Education Cloud PLUS
  • Squirrly Social
  • Learning Solutions
  • Squirrly SPY
  • Hide My WP
  • One Geek Shop
  • Traffic-driving Agency
  • Squirrly Digital Pack Global
  • Rank Jumps
  • SERP Checker Cloud
  • Content Marketing: Squirrly Academy
  • Shopify App for Squirrly SEO
  • Shopify App for ContentLook
  • Expectation Marketing Book
  • Game Deals on Steam
  • Guest Posting Service
  • Get Growth TV

Now, I want to be clear. Not all of those have been taken from idea to prodcut-market fit by me. But all of them made $$ from their very own customers and I got to learn about how they work, why they work and managed to help them get in a good market-ready shape.

I also had lots of help and co-founders + teammates.

But blast me up in the sky if it ain’t awesome to be really living the dream, instead of just talking about it.

And this has nothing to do with just being a Mentor and Advisor for other startups, which I have also been.

No, I’m talking about stuff that my companies actually got to publish and get customers to.

Remnants of Cif2net or Cif2.net – Almost TEN Years Later







Cif2.net builds Social Smartsites. As a business, Cif2.net targets both consumers and small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Cif2.net applies Social Gaming principles, keeping users engaged through incentivized actions and active emailing, blog and social media marketing. Through a diversified revenue model, Cif2 has built business models catered to both consumers and SMEs. The Beta Version of cif2.net was launched in October 2010.




https://zcj.ro/economie/–75832.html – it’s a tool to create Social Websites.

9 ways to fix your retention

9 ways to fix your retention
1. First, run a number of tests for your next potential traffic channel with a tiny budget to fix your retention. Only after that, invest the whole budget.

2. Make your visitors feel and see the truth of your promise, the real benefit (= the AHA moment) faster.

3. Get their email and create a drip campaign filled with valuable content + send event-based notifications.

4. Use all sorts of notifications (SMS, push notifications, chatbots, etc.) to reactivate your audience.

5. When people leave, ask them why. Fix the reasons.

6. Make your loyal customers feel appreciated by giving them tiny gifts, saying “Thank you” to them, sharing exclusive stuff, or running exclusive events.

7. Increase the value you deliver through your product: add absent important features or remove the ones that aren’t used.

8. Build your community, make your customers feel they belong to, and are part of, something special that follows a mission or the values they share.

9. Make your customers happy by giving them more than they expect through your outstanding customer support, awesome documentation, etc.

Source: www.quicksprout.com

Kudos Corner

Hey @channel , do I even need to tell you what time it is?! I know you’ve been waiting for this all week! :celebrate:This week’s Kudos Corner is dedicated to Squirrly SEO:squirrel::chipmunk:If you want to talk about a proactive partner, you have to talk about the Squirrly squad. This team is on :clap::skin-tone-3:top :clap::skin-tone-3: of :clap::skin-tone-3: it :clap::skin-tone-3:The Squirrly team has been impressive from the very start of their campaign. Their slack communication is on point :point_up::skin-tone-3:, they’ve provided in-depth and personal responses to every Sumo-ling on the deal page, and their positive attitudes have never wavered! The passion that they have for their product really stands out, it’s easy to see why so many Sumo-lings are giving them 5 tacos.Seriously, if you want to get some great inspiration for how to respond to Sumo-lings, I highly recommend checking out the Squirrly SEO deal page. You can check them out here: https://appsumo.com/squirrly-seo/:point_left:Here are a couple of examples of the many shout outs the Squirrly SEO team has received from our community:I saw the offer, double stacked, set it up and within minutes knew why I’d lost my ranking and better yet, knew why my competitors were doing better. A week and a bit later I’m now back in the top 3 on organic results and saved thousands!This is the type of deal that makes it so rewarding to be a Sumo-ling.Congrats on your awesomeness @florin_squirrly@Calin Vingan and @Irina Pogor_Squirrly:sunglasses::clap:Who’s going to be next?! :thinking_face: See you next week and keep crushin’ it! :smiley::fire:21:muscle::muscle::skin-tone-5:11:tacoparrot:9:squirrel:5:heart:8:+1:4

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wow, thank you! It’s sure been amazing to be on AppSumo and the Sumo-lings have offered us an incredible welcome.Overjoyed seeing this here. As the hero Mercy from OverWatch says: https://youtu.be/A_5l43OVlSM?t=331  It’s nice to be appreciated.:heart:511:12

big thanks to @Kelly_AppSumo_CommunityManager and the rest of the AppSumo team for preparing us and holding our hands through the whole process. It’s easy when you’ve got great partners.:taco:1