Character AI

 Character.AI lands $1 billion valuation. A chatbot startup even younger than Ash Ketchum just became a unicorn after scoring a $150 million funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Founded 16 months ago by ex-Googlers, Character.AI made a chatbot that lets you message with AI-generated versions of real people (dead or alive) or made-up characters. If it wasn’t apparent already, VCs are ready to plow all kinds of $$$ into startups working on generative AI.

Mazda RX-8: I will start writing the experience of fixing it

It was a long and winded road.

Many things were changed and upgraded, but still the car couldn’t perfectly idle.

It does now .. almost 2 years later. Since we’ve asked many experts around the world and we’ve read all forums and facebook groups …. and DIDN’T find the answer … we need to provide the answer ourselves.


2021 and 2022

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