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Product Launch Formula

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The employees of an Ecommerce company created a new word they’re using for inside jobs

So, I’ve seen this review recently and got really excited:

Squirrlyized Products are Moving Up in the Rank

So far we really like the Squirrly interface. Our employees have been “squirrlyizing”(This is what our employees call it.) our products for a few weeks. We enjoy checking everyday to see who has been the most successful in getting their products to the highest rank on google. Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work.

Jeff Chambliss

HiHi, we’ve been together for 3 Years.

Screenshot 2016-02-10 02.04.36

I’m very lucky to be the CEO of Squirrly. This thing I’ve helped build keep amazing me with all the great people who are a part of our Journey.

Danut, from the email above, has been an amazing customer since 16 February 2013. Right now, it’s almost 3 Years Later !!!

He is one of our first customers ever.

I love the fact that we real mean a lot to so many people. It’s what makes everything worth-while.