i Use (and over-use) Diigo.com – love it !

Diigo.com is the Best Research Tool. Ever.
I love it because it helps me store the many lots of bookmarks I make every day, when searching for information and creative ideas in all sorts of domains.
I use it mostly for things I consider extremly helpful in developing my projects and for webdesign.
It’s so easy to create lists like “The Zig Zag Trendy Project” (where I post inspiring designs and what the client likes, in order to know on what direction to go with the design) and to bookmark things in those lists.
It is remarcable. It’s a social bookmarker, the ex Furl.com, if I remember well, but it’s social part isn’t really much. It’s awesome to use for your individual endeavours and access all the info you need anytime.
It even allows you to highlight text and bookmark it with the highlights or save an image of the page you want to bookmark, to have “backup” in case the page goes offline.

Give it a try. You”l love it: http://www.diigo.com
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[UPDATE:] Is Mark Zuckerberg becoming Britney Spears/Justin Bieber ? – keeps me up at night

This keeps me up at night…
Think about it. Britney. Spears. | Justin. Bieber – They have the same thing in common ! They were both those spoiled little brats that suddenly appeared everywhere and were remarcably popular for a while, until people decided they were either stupid, gay.
So what the bloody nut shell is Mark Zuckerberg doing ?

Is he becoming this guy ?

Yes, he is !
I will admit to you that I really enjoyed watching The Social Network. I like that movie. I haven’t read the book about Zucky, but I guess it’s not bad to have a book written about you.
That is the kind of success that you would enjoy and that would help you or help your image.
But a Comic Book and an Animated Series ? Really ? Dude.. 

That is wrong in so many ways, I wouldn’t know where to start.
First of all, there are a lot of people who see the great CEO (,$itch) as being just a kid that got lucky and he’s an over-the-night-billionaire now. Not too good an image if you ask me. You’d think the guy would actually think about this a little bit, but no ! “Let me have my comic book with my face on it”. Be the facecomicbook.com or something.
He is going to the Funny Pages. Who knows ? Maybe just a few months until the first “Mark Zuckerberg Underpants“.
Let us all Merchandise him, dear www. world ! 😀 Woo-pyyy !
I want a hairbrush, tooth paste, milk can, beer can, olive oil bottle, socks, underwear, all with Mark Zuckerberg.
Be a fan ! Like him on facebook. Keep him close. Very close. Intimately close.

Is Mark Zuckerberg becoming 21st Century’s Super Man ?

Quite disturbing it is to find out that Today, Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook is available in comic books across North America.

The author is a freelance journalist who also wants to turn this into an animated movie.

So check out the 21st Century human being: The guy who wears underpants over his pants ain’t awesome enough anymore, so therejust  has to be the Billionaire, who has the power of secretly ” knowing ” (you know, like gathering, stealing, etc.) all your data, in his fight for … aahh… yeah.. your guess is as good as mine.

As creepy as this all is, I am looking forward to seeing the Tech League’s first issue ! Maybe it will star Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.. oh man ! Justice League is so washed out right now 😀 Muhahaha ! (yes, that would be even more horrible then just this, but there is a possibility and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that coming).

Experience in Webdesign – IS KING !

yup, it really is ! 😀
Especially when you receive a design order from a client who has a simple 2-pages portfolio and a few other images and text to place on the website, plus an order form.
1 Day to design
1 Day to integrate.
I’m glad it went that well and he was glad he had his website in a week. (because it took him some time to get all the material ready and I was gone for 3 days).
Things are really simple once you’re experienced.

Level 9 ! My Fire Cif rocks :D

Yay ! I’m Level 9 😀 sweet. Getting links for my website, having lots of visitors and blogging really pays off 😀 Now I can get some more apps I always wanted.
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In the Dawn of 2011…

In the Dawn of 2011, a new Website rises. One website to create them all and give them freedom.
A new wind blows among the internet nations, a new tide to turn for many.
” Rejoice in silence, for the storm is coming… “
The Fire Cif, stood on the mountain slope near the newest .com and he felt it was not an end, nor a begining. But it was a begining..

Adding content is killer

And this time I don’t mean it in a good way 😛

free websites
The v2 of Beta for cif2.net is almost ready. I’ve made a huge re-design for the website, as you might have seen. It’s all very nice and I really like how it looks like right now. It has enough places where we can write about all the Cif2.net subsidiaries. Yes, we have a lot of them.
The thing is that, since we have so many, it really takes a lot of time to write about them and present them. I’ve started working on the Features Page and I thought I would finish that in about a week,.. yeah, right !
There’s so many features in cif2.net, that I only had time to write some of the most important and interesting, but there also are some that people who have built websites before would just love to sink their teeth in.
Can’t wait to finish with all my exams, so that I can be focused 100% again on cif2.net 😀
There’s so much I still have to tell you guys about…
See you !
– Florin Muresan