the State of Wikipedia – This is Asimov’s Enciclopedia Galactica

Wow.. I really loved this movie they did for the 10th Anniversary of Wikipedia. 
The free encyclopedia is one of the best things the Internet already has in store for us. You can learn about so many things from there and if the info is not enough, you can always read the books suggested in the articles. It’s a great thing that it exists.
They burnt the Library of Alexandria, but this one might truly be an everlasting source of information for human kind, like the Encyclopedia Galactica, in Asimov’s The Foundation series.
Ok, that may have sounded like too much, but I believe that it can reach that level. The power of the community is enormous.
Here’s the film, it’s really good and doesn’t take long.

i Love following people in :D

One of the things I love most about is that I can follow the users in the Cif2 Community.
Today, two friends of mine posted some awesome articles on their blogs and I immediately saw that in my account, clicked their profile and checked their new stuff.
free websites lifestyle
It’s a Mind Healer ! It’s a very easy way to follow what your friends express online and I just love it 😀
Join the Cif2 Community and have fun following the awesome people in your lives. If they’re not here, invite them 😀 We are always open to new people.

What is a Web Site ? Yes, what is it ?

It’s very easy to create websites with
What is a web site ? Yes, what is it ?
A web site, if you were to actually think about it from an etymological perspective, is “a place on the Internet”.
Yup, that’s true ! So don’t think that websites are just does things you stumble upon when google-ing things, or following links from twitter.
A website should be your own place on the Internet and it should be something Creative, Interactive and Fun.
We want to bring CIF (creative interactive fun) 2 (to) .NET (the Internet and your networks inside it).

And by these videos, placed on our Official youtube channel, we want to show you how easy and awesome this is:

How to turn off Facebook Chat – Finally you can stop the nuissance

[ NEWEST UPDATE on 20.07.2011] OK, I’ve tested and it works right! Follow these steps:



Hi! I’ve checked the tips I’ve written here on 3 of my FB accounts yesterday to make sure I wrote them well.


NOW.. I’ve seen the chatbar at the right of the page. I clicked that blue button to activate it.


Then, I clicked that Gear button from the bottom. Window opened. I un-checked Available to Chat.

Then I clicked Hide Sidebar. And it was gone. forever. And I wasn’t on chat anymore.

It works for me. Does this work for you guys?





[ UPDATE on 07.07.2011 ] Again Facebook put a very ugly Chat. Here’s how to turn it off. Like?

turn off facebook chat

[ the article from January 2011: ]

Using facebook for work or leaving it idly open can become a real pain in the behind if every single person on FB starts chatting with you.
It’s not that you don’t want to talk to them or reply, it’s just that you don’t see the message, because you’re doing other stuff and then some of them just go like: “Oh, so you don’t want to chat with me ?”
Seriously, I hate that chat thing on FB.. I prefer wall posting or sending messages, it’s much more civilized. Twitter kicks Facebook’s shell at interaction between users, at chat level.
Ok, so it’s rather simple, but I didn’t know this, until today and I’ve been using Facebook for about 2 years.
First Step:
Click the Chat button in the lower right corner.
how to turn off facebook
A nice thing will open up, displaying who’s online.
Step Two:
Click the Options button on top of that new window.
facebook tutorial
Step 3:
Click Go Offline.
facebook tutorial
Finally ! Alright, Facebook remembers this setting, so you won’t have to do this again. You can turn Chat on again, when you feel ready 😉
See you next time, guys !
– Florin Muresan

The Google Puzzle – Official Release

“Oh, yes !” dare say the headlines.
The lonely crawler marches on the bits, as the packages are shipped away, not understanding his purpose any longer.
“What’s that boy, shed a tear you say ?” asks the headline editor. “It deserves no such thing.” 
But the poor little crawler goes about his business, as he’s always done before.. when it all made sense.

That is how a Google novel should read like :)) Honestly, they are changing a whole lot and the old ways just don’t stand anymore, as if Google were Rand ‘al Thor from The Wheel of Time, bringing changes all around and reshaping the world. You must admit, though, Google does shape the Internet, so it’s best to be on its good side.

It’s an interesting puzzle figuring out what happens to Page Ranks and how they’re disappearing, keywordless pages going to the front lines of the search results, leaving the others confused and maybe even ready for a full retreat.

Have you witnessed this phenomenon ? 

I’m telling you: Something Puzzly our way comes.

But don’t worry, the next headline won’t be: “Google.. Pandora’s lost son ?”

or will it…, dear Watson ?

Every day ideas that Rock !

Hey, it’s Florin Muresan and I just have to tell you that Cif of the Day is on-going.

The best part about it is that there will be some new tech used to record the mini-series and as soon as the winter break is over, the quality will jump up and slam !

Oh, yeah ! 😀

Cool Informative Facts rock and I want to keep ’em that way.

cif talk 

Late at night, paranoia kicks in

Yeha, it’s really weird that lately it kept kicking in and it’s weird because after midnight, I get the feeling that there are things (people, shades, etc) that crawl into the room I am.

And did you realise that a door half closed at night, when there is more light behind it, is much scarier then a close or fully open door ?

Oh, well.. what do I know ? Hope my Fire Cif will keep me safe 😛

And thus, I shut the type up and keep working on the new design for, as I’ve announced on today’s Cif of the Day.

– Florin Muresan