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How to do Valuable Outsourcing for Your Business ?



As an entrepreneur or any business person who has to take care of certain managerial aspects, you will come across the idea of outsourcing.


Why would you do that ?

Because you’d get some valuable help if you do it right and it will help you and your team focus on the more important things and on what you are good at.


Outsourcing for Dummies


Is there such a title in the series ? Dunno, but what I do know is: is a great place to look for outsourcing.


I don’t really trust the fiverr clones, but I have used fiverr a lot these last two months and I have to tell you: It works and it rocks ! They have some good buyer protection, so even if you wind up with the wrong gig, you’ll get your $5 back.

Let’s think deep for a little.


If you need help, for example, with Usability Tests, how would you outsource it ? Go to ? They charge a whole lot of money. Last I checked it was $99 / per user testing the usability of your website. 

Or ? I’ve heard they’re great, but they charge $39 per user.


The answer is Fiverr


On fiverr, you get some really good people with experience in the domain, testing the usability of your website and providing you with some very good and valuable reviews for .. wait for it.. $5. Yup, it’s legendary !


Of course, there are some spammy gigs around, but I found real value there and some great users. You can talk to them before paying for the gig, to check out if you like them. Some are very professional.


Get testimonials, social media ads, usability reviews, media contacts emails, SEO, backlinks, songs about how awesome your project is, logos, videos, ads, etc.


You can say hello to me while at it!


Because I also offer services on fiverr. Having so many social media contacts I said, why not put them to good use ? Check out my main gig:

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