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The Business Cards Theory for pumping B2B Marketing on Facebook

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Business cards are something most people want to have made for themselves and their companies. Some people even tend to become Business Card sluts, meaning that they immediately give business cards to everybody they meet. They give it to them without thinking (pun alert).


Intriguingly enough, doing so actually gets them work. I’m guessing this would be the most ethical form of spam. Because you see, it’s rather ridiculous not to accept a business card. The question is not “Why would I?”, it’s really just “Why wouldn’t I?”. You don’t want to offend anyone by not accepting their business card.

SO, in my experience, business cards are things that work best (meaning, work only in) B2B relationships. I’m saying this because when you get a card from somebody who isn’t of use for your company, you just tend to through that card in some pocket and after a few years, when it’s all washed up inside an old coat, you try to figure out the company name and you realize: “It’s gone. That company’s gone. Oh, well. More garbage”.

This last thing of course, doesn’t apply for you if you have a company and the card you receive can get you a new customer, agency, whatever you may be looking for at the time or just realize that “hey! I’ve been needing that. So glad I got this. Lets put this in my wallet, along with my ID, so I don’t lose it.” That, my friends, is a lucky business card, because it’s found itself a lucky posesor, who will use it soon enough.

Get Your Business Cards On Facebook

If you haven’t done this yet, do it right away! I have tried ETHICAL facebook marketing for so long, and by ethical I mean following the exact rules settled by Facebook on how people should use the platform, but it stinks! Most of the reasons why it stinks ever since the 30th of March 2011, are written here.

Now, Facebook will tell you: Don’t create a profile for a Company. But what you should actually do if you care about yourself and your company is DO IT. Yup, go ahead and create a Facebook Profile for your company. You may have to come up with a bit of a strange name for the profile, since they don’t allow numbers, words like “pizza”, “restaurant”, etc anymore.

After you create the profile, bear in mind the following tips. They will help you get that awesome Social Media Business Card that will generate revenue or value to your company.

1. Look Smart.

Make your profile picture look right. Hire Professional Help if you must. It’s important that this is done right. Because this Profile for your Company will be your Business Card on Facebook.

And wait for it… (to be continued soon)

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