I will do some serious work on the Blog

I’ve decided to update my blog with some new cool stuff to make it feel like more professional AND personal, and also to better showcase my works and my projects.

I’m thinking some new graphics and some new sections to improve the looks and the post quality and interest factors.

I will keep posting, though, but just wanted to let  you all know 🙂

Sometimes, good things are just a google search away

I’ve wanted for a lot of time to have a blog in which I post about people who express themselves online, how they do it and how they become known in this new open world that is more and more on the world wide web then in the “physical” plain.

I’ve searched to buy a domain for it, and the best bet was obviously something like Expression Blog .com or .net

The surprise came when I found out that expressionblog.net was AVAILABLE ! This thing was like god-sent. I hardly believed I had so much luck.

Now I have bought the domain and already started the Expression Blog, because lately I’ve seen that I really have a word to say in this online world and people follow me because they like my tweets, my blog posts, etc.

And seeing that I managed to touch the life of dear Janice McGrory in a positive way, I am very optimistic, very excited about trying to help more and more people, in any possible way, to have faith in themselves and have the courage to say iExist ! 

Life’s great ! 😀 You just have to let yourself see this 😉 

Success is just a spike of courage away

It’s always great to remember how I came up with the idea for www.cifnet.ro ‘s best selling service !

I’d just finished reading a lot of the book How to Write Sales Letters that Sell, and I knew that being so busy with making webdesigns and developing our International Project, we needed a new thing. A new product that would bring us a lot of money.

The thing was that we promoted businesses before online, but never dared to ask for such an amount of money. We always thought that because of the Economic crisis in our country, people wouldn’t pay more then that.

So I said: Ok ! let’s make a Premium Pack, that gets your business on the first page of Google Romania in 6 months. I’ve consulted with my colleague, Teodora Vingan, regarding the validity of the marketing message. We don’t sell lies. We sell things that bring results, so I wanted to make sure we could deliver.

This time we asked for much ! I made a sales letter immediately and posted it on our website, on the blog and gave links to it on the social media. The result was that the phone began ringing like crazy the following day, with people wanting to learn more and more about it, wanted to see more offers etc.

In time it turned out to be our best selling product and it helped us get very well through the whole crisis, whereas many other webdesign companies went down. And it also helped us gain more time to develop cif2.net and plan to extend it in Austria and other countries.

So you see? All it took was a little courage to make the next best thing. 

Expanding Cif2.net on Social Networks – X-Factor Strategy Level 4

Alright, so we’ve decided that we want to take our Brand presence even further and out of the box.. which basically means out of twitter and facebook.

I started doing some research into the other Social Media websites out there and have begun studying them, because I believe I can reach new audiences even better and maybe build better connections there, then on the BIG social networks which sometimes are just full of spam.

Since I call myself a New Media Renaissancist, I guess it’s the best thing to do. It is also an experiment for my X-Factor Marketing Theory, which I am currently developing.

I know a lot about Brand Presence on Twitter and Facebook and I have more then one year of professional experience on them, so I guess the next step would be to do some serious research on the others as well. This, added with other parts of my X-Factor strategies might prove to be an utter Success !

Really excited about all of these. And even more excited that I will get to teach you a lot about this through the apps of cif2.net that are soon to come 😀

Oh, boy.. Cif2.net really will be your own way of saying iExist ! 

Red Tweets was Launched ! – The First Twitter Directory that chats and plays music

It’s cool we have it online, because it rocks 😀

You can submit your Twitter account, so that people may find you and follow you on Twitter + you will be shown in a separate blog post with only your account, to make it easier for newer listed accounts to be seen within the directory.

There are many categories in which you can submit your account.

We also have a Promoted Tweeps section, where we display 6 Promoted accounts. To see how you can get promoted and what cool bonuses you’ll have, check out http://www.redtweets.cif2.net/promote-account-pag976.html 

There is also a Chat Room on the first page of the Twitter Directory, where you can talk about a whole lot of things and there is also a Music Blog as well, on the front page.

Then, you have 2 Radio Stations, made through Blip.FM, with two of our DJs. One is for Electro Music and the other one for Rock.

A podcast will follow up very soon.

So, go to Red Tweets right away and join the fun 😀 Submit your account, listen to music, chat and find out the coolest music-related things.

This is the first Subsidiary of Cif2.net.. more will follow soon, to bring you great new ways of experiencing the Internet. 

What is Today ? – hint – Something Glorious

Yes, it is a glorious day, today 😀 It’s the day that we’ll Officially launch the First Twitter Directory that chats and plays music !

You got that right.

Red Tweets is almost ready and as soon as April Todds shows up, we may finalize the last details and: Launch  !

See you 😀 

Clean and simple designs are the hardest to design !

It’s awesome sometimes to make a very clean design, because you want something simple to display the product and focus on the product.

How do you do this ?

Well.. the answer is simple and totally unsatisfying: Through a whole lot of work !

Yes, because if you opt for a design like this and want it to actually be a great design, and not something to be laughed at, you have to work on all those little details that may mostly elude you, if you’re used to working with more complex designs, and big roundy things.

You have to do something like Apple.. they put a lot of work in their designs and that’s why they are great !

So, forget about those bulky designs !

You have to put up some real work now and don’t go like “you know.. I don’t think anyone will notice that, I don’t think that is too important..” because you’d be doing it wrong !

Why ?

Because, if you don’t take every single small detail into account, your clean design will Fail. Yes, people may not figure out what is wrong with it, or why it doesn’t appeal to them very much, but at a subconscious level they see the mistakes and get the feeling that it isn’t right, something’s missing, something doesn’t really work there, etc.

So, if you’re ever facing a simple, clean design, make sure you add more time on your schedule to finish it. 

Oh, yes.. and this is from experience… you’ll see on the new version of cif2.net and remember: It’s your own way of saying iExist ! 

The fastest thing on the web !

Bravo ! You guessed it right, it’s cif2.net .

You know why ?

Because, for example, working on Red Tweets was the fastest, coolest experience ever ! 😀 Really, trust me. I was the Lead Webdesigner of a well known company for a whole year, so I know what I’m saying ! Making websites has never been more fun.

I talked to April ( @socialapril ) and Peter (@peter_at_rbr ) and we managed to finish the final details of the Red Tweets – Twitter Directory, the first twitter directory that chats and plays music. I helped them “move their stuff” from blogspot to cif2.net and the thing is: I was amazed !

Really, I’ve finished moving the old redtweets to cif2.net in about 6 hours, with all it had there and I’ve also remade some of the Graphics. Can you imagine that ?

I’m telling you.. if you want speed, CIf2.net is the key… and it also looks really good 😀

Cif2 is all about Innovation and it seems this time it even surprised me !

I’m definitely making it my way of saying iExist ! 

Cif2.net was very hard to design

And it still is. I’m working on cif2.net’s front page today… I think it reached the 11th version already and I usually finish a website’s design in 3 versions.

This is crazy, but I really want to find that stable version that we will love 😀 Now I understand Deviant Art.. they also change their interfaces a lot. I hope that won’t be the case for cif2.net, because I don’t like the idea.

Of course, we will change the theme of the website, but the layout will have to remain intact. We will have many events and celebrations so we’ll need to have a great layout on which we can easily add and remove themes.

It’s going to always look fresh, which is a good thing. Now the problem is to figure out how to make it work with all sorts of different themes, because colors are very pretentious.

Wish me luck 😀