How I got a SuperHero name

I always used to think that a superhero name like “the fastest man alive” would be really cool to have.

Turns out that one of our great customers at Squirrly (who was actually number 4 *which is my favorite number*), Robert Connor did a great press release with an interview he made with me for his blog, Extra Cash Online.

It was very cool to open up my Facebook and see that a friend of mine wrote about Florin Muresan – The Romania Rocket on his Facebook wall.

Turns out that the press release was picked up by US Financial News today. I wonder if this super-hero name will catch on 😀

Zapping everything – Get Control Over your Business

Life can get way too busy sometimes, and your Business Model Canvas can start getting a HUGE amount of Key Activities, once you scale up your business.

Actually, you’ll start having so many processes that you won’t be able to keep up with everything.

Zapier is here to help with all that, because they know that ” Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

So, instead of me doing manual stuff: <B-U-M-!-!> Magic happens <wow!> zapier does it automatically, with 0 input from me.

Currently, the leads I write down in Podio get magically sent to my team, so that they can organize them in our crm thingy

Leads from our Buy Articles Landing page get sent to them as well.

People who buy my ebook, get instantly sent to MailChimp, where they start getting more goodies to complement the awesome ebook.

Well. Sounds simple.

Try managing this manually in the beginning of every week. Do that for over 3 months. You’ll go insane.

That’s why I’m happy so many apps are out there, that communicate and get integrated with one another. Oh, the beauty of the Internet.

Customer Development Workshop by Florin Muresan at Spherik Cluj-Napoca

Last Saturday, I had a very cool Customer Development workshop at Spherik in Cluj-Napoca.

From the start, I told people this was a Florin Muresan workshop, so the ideas were all mine and had tons of insight on all that we did at Squirrly to build an amazing product that started selling from the first day it reached the market.

Florin Muresan does not agree with the usual customer development ideas

And I made this really clear in my workshop. I think that most of the people who usually get invited to speak about customer development have no idea of what they’re really saying out there. Most of them never ever had a startup of their own, they were not CEOs, etc.

Which sucks, and makes most of their theories invalid. I was happy to share they things that I’ve learnt over the years and show a real method of how to get from startup idea to an actual startup.


It’s official. Well, more official than before anyway. is finally gone for good.

I dedicated a more serious blog post about it on my main website.

While being all dreamy about the good ‘ol days, I found this funny video and just had to share it. Reminds me of fun and crazy times.