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Seeing the Google Ranks of a TOP Development Blog and how you can achieve those rankings

Let’s look at some rankings today.You can still get Your One Year FEE for Squirrly SEO 2020: Smart Strategy!

$125.96 USD (for up to 7 sites), payable only ONCE each year.

That’s a once in a lifetime offer.

HubSpot (traded HUBS (NYSE)) saw our new PRO version and said:

“Using machine learning algorithms that have analyzed over 600,000 sites over 7 years, Squirrly audits websites based on internal architecture, keyword utilization, backlinks, web authority, and more. Its artificial intelligence enables it to identify the gaps that are keeping your site from ranking as well as you’d like so that you can focus on the activities that will give you the fastest results.

The idea is to achieve big breakthroughs from fewer activities, saving you time and money”

Why did such a huge brand in Digital Marketing decide to cover Squirrly SEO?
– because Squirrly SEO went farther than any plugin ever has.

Look: (click the image to see it full-size and understand the WHOLE SEO funnel that Squirrly SEO helps you WIN)
If you go to the following page, you will see that no other plugin comes close. Most of them cover just two steps from the Complete SEO Workflow.

Which means that you’re just wasting your time with them, because they can’t help you win.

Upgrade today, because you can’t lose rankings due to the switch. ( – the video on that link explains)

Also, watch this to see why no plugin for SEO can offer you what Squirrly offers you.

Then see here why Squirrly is the fastest SEO plugin on WordPress, without a doubt.

You can even use the PRO you buy today with other SEO plugins, if you just can’t quit them. Watch this video here. It will help you bring more search traffic, even if you use them together, because only Squirrly offers you benefits and features that really move the needle in SEO and brings results.

What results? – see many small business owners and bloggers here who have reached the first page of Google only with our solution.

For just $87 USD / year this amazing PRO version can be yours for 3 of your sites.

Or, for just $125.96 USD / year, for up to 7 sites.

You can even buy multiple licenses to make more room for more sites in your account.

However, this offer will be gone soon, so make sure you’re not going to miss out on this.

Now, here’s an amazing video:

In this video, I’ll show you how a mobile game development blog got great rankings (first page of Google) just by posting long content and sharing it on social media.

See the Video.
Getting SEO Value out of Social Media.The content is about 2000 to 3000 words, SEO optimized with Squirrly SEO. The whole site structure is setup in the plugin. All he had to do after having these, was to share on multiple communities and groups on social media.

He got thousands of views from sharing, and then thousands of views when the SEO effect kicked in.

Oh, yeah. He has almost NO backlinks to his website, and the SEO still worked.

I also show a couple of other stuff in this video.

Keep ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly

Give it a good read.
Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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