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Skills, skills, skills – that’s how one of GangStarr’s songs begins.

Web 2.0 brought tons of opportunities for young people (like I used to be :P) to grow and fully develop, like the Universal Man of the older ages.

Developing skills in business, investments, product management, gamification, tech, music, comic book creation, fiction writing, content creation, SEO, social media, networking, biz dev, pitching and presentations, live events, keynotes, public speaking … and well… a ton more.

All of these developments were made possible, thanks to Web 2.0.

Going from 3D animations, to game design, launching my own games, DJ-ing, creating music, doing cool Photoshop artwork, creating educational software —- forums like GFXattack and DeviantArt used to help a lot with that.

It was pretty cool, because you got to be around many other creators. Started with this before High School and been building tons of skills in multiple disciplines ever since.

I will talk more about this. My speeches at various tech events always help widen perspectives. I hope that my blog posts on Renaissance 2.0 will also help.

Life is a lot more fulfilling when you don’t specialize.

When you takle everything that seems interesting — that’s when you will find yourself.

You won’t be great at everything — I’m not great at everything — but I know enough of everything to hire the best talent and to help my teammates grow.

There’s a lot more I have to say.

Everybody wants to specialize, but that’s just plain wrong. Yes, I’ve got a lot more to say.

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