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It really is.

And that is why there is much more need to express yourself nowadays, then it has ever been before.

Why ?

Because you can actually reach people ! You can actually get a lot of feedback and find out a lot of things that might help you in your career or in following your passions.


You can talk to people ! Use the power of Tweets, not only to share links to your blog or whatever, but to actually talk to people you find interesting. It’s not like you need a VIP status anymore or to have high connections, to be able to speak to an important person.

Here’s an example.

I was following this guy on @twitter. I saw that he had followers and such, no problem at that, but what did interest me was his RSS Agregator, I found it really interesting and to be honest, extremely useful. I was curios how he stumbled upon the idea, so I asked him.

He told me it was made after another website and he gave me the link. Alltop was clearly a better version, though.

After a while, I found out that this guy is one of the most important people in Marketing and is also one of the biggest influencers and I was like: Oh, my.. really ? I tweeted that guy :)) (that guy made an Audi R8 as a  present to an employee) 

Oh, and btw.. that guy is Guy Kawasaki.

As I’ve typed before, the world is an open place ! You can just get there and talk to people 😀 Learn whatever you need. Of course, I don’t think ppl will answer stupid questions, so don’t boter too much with them or spam, but now you have the opportunity to actually speak to the biggest minds out there !

This is great 😀 The world has become an open place ! And you can take advantage of that.

– Florin Muresan 

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