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Voice of Customer – Jo @ CopyHackers

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the following is written by Jo from – she is awesome.

 I dreaded giving my talk at ConversionXL Live this spring. 

It was about how we use voice-of-customer data to write copy.

And it was… well… not the kinda thing you expect crowds to care about. I mean, I basically said what I always say… 

((which i realize is a terrible hook for an email, and you deserve major props for still reading))

…which is that great conversion copywriters are super-duper lazy. We just take everything interesting that customers and clients say. Drop it into a copywriting framework we stole from some long-deceased copywriter. And then make it sound better by pushing the headlines and crossheads we didn’t even write into formulas we stole from some long-deceased copywriter. So basically:

Step One: don’t think. 

Step Two: be lazy. 

Step Three: stop  trying  to  write. 

So I’m up on stage in front of some of the world’s brightest marketers, analysts and CROs, and I’m talking about how 90% of the work I do is totally swiped from other sources. 

To make matters worse, I later had to HEAR FROM ATTENDEES what they thought about my talk… because conferences solicit feedback these days. Which has me like:
And what did they have to say about my talk? THIS:

“So vindicating to hear [copywriting is] not all secret sauce! Yes, there’s copywriting frameworks and principles, but no magic behind it – just the VOC.” 

“I know we should add more ways to get the voice of the customer into our pages and pages of content, and I hope to use her techniques.”

My big takeaway was how little time is spent copywriting and how most of that time goes into understanding customers to know how to resonate with them.”


“This talk was one of the best out of the whole conference! Joanna’s explanations of how she and her team work through writing conversion copy were very easy to follow and I was able to see myself being able to apply those same practices to my role and CRO processes. Copy and conveying the right message is a very important part of my job and finding the right words to say that will increase CVR is not always easy. Joanna’s methods will surely come in handy as we move forward.”

So I’m like, hmmmmm….

Now that marketers know they SHOULD use VOC in their copy, the next step seems to be the obvious one:

Show them HOW.

That’s what the CXL Live audience liked about my talk. Seeing HOW.  

And perhaps that’s what you’ll like, too. 

Because we’ve got a live tutorial for you TOMORROW on exactly how we outline copy using voice-of-customer data. My head of research Hannah is going to show you how we:

Yank the most useful VOC outta our research filesGroup like-quotes into themes and argumentsPop ’em into the best framework, making it quick ‘n’ painless for our copywriters to turn a voc-outline into a first draftSweep final copy to “shove in” more VOC
This is gonna be a live 20-min tutorial. That’s less time than 99% of marketers waste clicking through their emails each morning. Just show up, take quick notes and get back to work – where you can start applying this stuff immediately.

The tutorial starts at 9am PT / noon ET. 

If you’re not already registered for Tutorial Tuesdays:

Check out the calendar and sign up to attend tomorrow’s tutorial here

~jo 🙂

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