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Upgrades and Power-Ups for myself

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Florin Muresan

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Florin Muresan
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  1. I recently became a member of OMFG from Chris Brogan (I’ve always liked that guy!)

It’s all about Ownership and Being an Owner, which is cool. It shows you how to own your decisions and actions.

2) I can add Makers and New Products to ProductHunt. Well, I’ve been doing this since December 2015, but I wanted to brag about it.

3) I have access to ES Summit and there’s tons of great stuff I can learn from there.

4) I might finally take Ovi’s advice and start a podcast tour. I have so many experiences to share.

5) I began using EmpireAvenue again. It still has active bloggers. #socool

EmpireAvenue is something I’ve used when we launched Squirrly. I had to get in touch with many bloggers and it seemed like the best way to do this.

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