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[UPDATE:] Is Mark Zuckerberg becoming Britney Spears/Justin Bieber ? – keeps me up at night

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This keeps me up at night…
Think about it. Britney. Spears. | Justin. Bieber – They have the same thing in common ! They were both those spoiled little brats that suddenly appeared everywhere and were remarcably popular for a while, until people decided they were either stupid, gay.
So what the bloody nut shell is Mark Zuckerberg doing ?

Is he becoming this guy ?

Yes, he is !
I will admit to you that I really enjoyed watching The Social Network. I like that movie. I haven’t read the book about Zucky, but I guess it’s not bad to have a book written about you.
That is the kind of success that you would enjoy and that would help you or help your image.
But a Comic Book and an Animated Series ? Really ? Dude.. 

That is wrong in so many ways, I wouldn’t know where to start.
First of all, there are a lot of people who see the great CEO (,$itch) as being just a kid that got lucky and he’s an over-the-night-billionaire now. Not too good an image if you ask me. You’d think the guy would actually think about this a little bit, but no ! “Let me have my comic book with my face on it”. Be the or something.
He is going to the Funny Pages. Who knows ? Maybe just a few months until the first “Mark Zuckerberg Underpants“.
Let us all Merchandise him, dear www. world ! 😀 Woo-pyyy !
I want a hairbrush, tooth paste, milk can, beer can, olive oil bottle, socks, underwear, all with Mark Zuckerberg.
Be a fan ! Like him on facebook. Keep him close. Very close. Intimately close.

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