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Top App for Cif2 – will it kill wordpresses and blogspots ?

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Cif2 is in pre-launch phase and it’s actually just Alpha for now.

We’ve sent some people the link to sign up and try it out and I’ve been simply WOW-ed by the first thing they all told me:

” Florin, I couldn’t find an app to Pull my articles from blogspot to my Cif2 Blog. Please make one, I really want to switch platforms.

To be honest, we already had the idea to do that, but people have actually requested it a lot. A real Surprise ! I really think that Cif2 will win by Speed and Easy Management.

I’ve already let go of the blogspot platform I’ve been using for my The Marketing and two friends of mine already switched platforms for their blogs (one switch and one blogspot switch).

Now I really can’t wait to launch CIf2 ! And also to make the many new apps we have in plan ! 

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