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The Third Session of Cif Talk – When Internet’s Mobile

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Friday night I’ve held the 3rd session of Cif Talk, with Steven Lamb.

I couldn’t really get to speak to him during my time at work, so I said: Know what? I can even do this PR job from the bar :))

And that’s what I did, I took my Google Android Tablet with me in town, I’ve called the owner of Cleo Cafe and she said: Yes, we have a hotspot ! And there I went.

I talked a little to my friends and then went to the bar downstairs to catch the Wi-Fi on my device and @twitter awaited. So I finally managed to get in touch with Steven and we talked about his projects a little bit, to see where Cif2 and the Prizes might benefit him.

The website I saw he had is not something he would like to continue working on and he told me he really felt like trying to do something online. “I’ll put my thinking Cap on”, is what he said. Well i told him it was no rush and he could think of a very great project to develop, because we’re there for him, to help him build an online presence for the project and get some exposure to it.

He was excited of all this and I can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with !

Not the most “regular” place for PR activity, but it was actually great 😉 

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