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I think it should actually be the Social Widget-s 

Some people may wish to choose what social media integration they want, unlike @ blogger themes or blogger where you can only have a limited set given by them.

I for one, like to have a facbook thing, a stumble upon and maybe a twitter or tweetmeme.

And maybe I would like this post to be only Stumble Upon -able 😛 (I’m not sure that’s a word :)) )


It doesn’t really want to take in the code, I guess it’s because that “expr” part

<a expr:href=’&quot;’ rel=’external nofollow’ target=’_blank’><img alt=’StumbleUpon’ class=’bookmark-icon’ src=’

So the real question is:

Should the user define a small bar of social buttons that appear in every post, or should he/she post what buttons she wants in every post (through the Cif2 Editor) ?

I personally say: Let’s have them both ! 

Especially becuase you may want to have only a small “Like” button at your About page. You may not want to have that too crowded with other social media buttons. 

I think this would provide everyone with a much friendlier and easier platform 😉 And also one with no head-aches attached 😛 

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