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The problem with blogs

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Florin Muresan

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Florin Muresan
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We know that there are many bloggers out there who want to have free blogs.

What are the biggest problems with blogs ? 

You can’t modify the way it looks, only if you know a lot of CSS and HTML or if you pay a shell lot of money to somebody to make it for you.

That is not good !

A blogger should have much more control over his blog and the way it looks.

If you have a blog and you also want a website, you can’t have it in the same place. You need to have a blog here AND a website there… somewhere…

Well why not simply have a Website with a blog incorporated ?

It is a much better thing to have, because your clients don’t get confused. It’s great if they don’t.

That’s why I personally chose to move my to

I made the layout in about 5 minutes and I can also have a blog and a website now, a thing that I could not have anywhere else.

What sort of problems did you encounter, fellow blogger ? 

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