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Social Media Tips: Organize for faster results !

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It is very important that you update all your social media accounts if you want to do some good Social Media PR-ing and also to increase brand awareness.

But you might find out that you have too many accounts already and logging in and out, following/unfollowing, wrting individual updates and […] Man, it started to sound like too much !

I’ve been in the Social Media field for more then a year now, mostly Twitter and Facebook and doing effective work on them for different businesses. Before this, I used to promote a band on Myspace, but let’s face it, Myspace is dead ! 😛

So big deal I’ve been socializing for so long ! Well, it actually is, because I’ve learned a lot and one of the most important lesson was that if you want to do effective marketing on the Social Media, you need to give it A LOT OF TIME ! Yes, and there is no shorter way here .

You may try all sorts of tricks, all sorts of nothings like Click Here and get a Santa Clause 14 ” Figure with Jennifer Aniston in a sexy dress, but come on ! That’s old.. there’s marketing 2.0 AND marketing 3.0 nowadays and foolish tricks won’t work anymore.

What to do then ?

Well, it’s not the End of the World or anything. It’s just that you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to Social Media. And it gets better. If you organize your stuff a little, you can make much better and much more effective marketing, losing less time.

That’s true !

Come back on Monday and I’ll tell you of some free Top Apps to help you in your Social Media crusade 😀

See you then ! 

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