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Session 7 of Cif Talk with @heerbol

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Hello, there ! Hope you’ve had your coffee and another coffee for me as well.

I’ve just talked to Ge Henning, also known as @heerbol on Twitter. This was not your usual “Hey! what are you planning to do? Oh, a lot and I’m glad you can help” kind of Cif Talk session. Not by far.

Ge is a great guy, someone you can actually have a conversation with on Twitter and I knew he had an awesome blog . I will not give you any spoilers, you’ll have to check it out. And say whatever you want, I really think it’s interesting to follow.

But Ge here is the first winner at the Who Is Cif contest whose project could not benefit from Cif2. Yes, that’s true and as I hate “aggressive marketing ” I did not want to push the issue further. He only has a simple blog, on which he posts updates about his work and whose attention he caught (as in University professors). I could have told him to switch platforms, because Cif2 does run faster and it’s a lot easier to post your articles on, but come on !

He simply did not need more then that, because he said he has his own methods of contacting university staff all over the world, so he only posted these for the people who followed him. He did not need to get huge exposure and such. 

Well we told him that he is still a Winner, so any time he needs our help with some other projects or such, he can contact us and we’ll help him. 

I can’t wait to hear more about his project and more from our other winners !

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