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Kick Starter

Some of you may have heard of this, some of you may not, is a place to fund your creative projects.

Seeing that it gained media coverage and stuff, I did a little digging about and saw that hey seemed to be serious. Now the question is: Were they ?

They may have been, for many people who had their projects founded there.

My problem is that I wrote the project for and really wanted to get it up there. I sent the written project to some people and they all said they loved the idea and would really need something like Cif2, that it would truly be a creative and useful thing.

It seems like that wasn’t the opinion of the kickstarter staff. I did not understand why they wouldn’t want to publish our project. I am very sure that many other people would have considered it very helpful and would have backed us up with some funding, so that we may manage to finish all the great tools and all the documentation and the training web show we have in store.

Only today, did I finally understand what the real reason was. I think it was because they’d seen we are a company, yeah they may have seen that it’s Cifnet Ltd. We’re not hiding that, why would we ?

So why did I actually write this post ? I wrote this to inform you that if you ever want to get a project up on kickstarter, you should make sure you do not present it as if it had anything to do with any company and that it isn’t a company project.

Yes, I know it sucks ! 

Guess they think people working at companies aren’t creative and don’t deserve a chance. Way to go !

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