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I’m the CBO, cif !

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Florin Muresan

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Florin Muresan
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And I’m also a Founder of which is just awesome 😀

We’ve had a meeting yesterday and have discussed all the ideas we’ve put up in the last 5 to 7 days ! I wasn’t as active online as I used to be, because I was down in my mind’s lab and I’ve come up with a lot of creative ideas for branding, marketing and direction for the brand.

The other Founders, Teodora and Calin Vingan (the CEO) have also made their awesome contributions and I almost didn’t sleep all night, thinking about these.

Now comes the tricky part.. We have to start putting all these ideas into practice and get out there to the whole wide world. Yes, we’re doing that. For starters, besides the International version, there will be a CIf2 in France, in Austria and in Romania.

And there are more things to come.

All in all, I am the CBO, and I’ve never felt happier regarding my profession and the direction my life takes ! 

The world just became a bigger place 😀 

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