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i Use (and over-use) – love it !

Stalk me

Florin Muresan

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Florin Muresan
Stalk me is the Best Research Tool. Ever.
I love it because it helps me store the many lots of bookmarks I make every day, when searching for information and creative ideas in all sorts of domains.
I use it mostly for things I consider extremly helpful in developing my projects and for webdesign.
It’s so easy to create lists like “The Zig Zag Trendy Project” (where I post inspiring designs and what the client likes, in order to know on what direction to go with the design) and to bookmark things in those lists.
It is remarcable. It’s a social bookmarker, the ex, if I remember well, but it’s social part isn’t really much. It’s awesome to use for your individual endeavours and access all the info you need anytime.
It even allows you to highlight text and bookmark it with the highlights or save an image of the page you want to bookmark, to have “backup” in case the page goes offline.

Give it a try. You”l love it:
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