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How To Web 2011 – was awesome!

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How To Web 2011 was freaking awesome! Really glad I came to Bucharest for it. Had a great time and learnt quite a lot. Great speakers were present and it was good to get access to knowledge you can’t find anywhere on the web. Yet.


I really didn’t expect to get any value from the event and now I simply feel that I MUST come again next year. People from Google, the CSO of Adobe, venture capitalists, angels and many interesting people to start networking with.


Met a few friends, made some new ones, validated theories and learnt new awesome stuff. This was really great. And yes, Bogdan Iordache was right. HTW parties are really great!


More from how to web 2011 and the talks I’ve had here will start appearing on the blog very soon. Florin Talks commence once more, this time bringing you great knowledge from great people.

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