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How to Kickstart your FB Page and get many fans ?

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Florin Muresan
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This is one of the biggest problems nowadays, since FB did that little trick at the end of March 2011, when they took out the Suggest Page to Friends functionality and changed it with something bogus.


Well, dear friends, i have experimented a brand new method of getting fans today. And it works. I won’t brag too much, but this thing I discovered resembles my old idea of AFF Net and I was so happy when I found out that someone made something like it. Especially that they’ve made it very easy for the model to work.


It’s a place where you Follow people on Twitter and Fan pages on Facebook. By every such action, you receive seeds, which you may later on pay back to people who will want to follow your profile or fan your Facebook page. 


Ideea: You follow. They Follow.


Start growing your fans today .

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