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Hehe.. yup, I’m looking forward to seeing all the new features implemented in 😀 will trully be your own way of saying iExist ! The concept is already made, I’ve just went through it again today, checking out the ideas we wrote down and it’s gonna be amazing !

In your account you can already see the cif2 community, follow your friends or the people you are interested in, easily check their recent activity. You can gain new levels easier (can you be a Fire Cif like me ?), you can easily change the way your website or blog looks, just by two clicks and you can easily post to your blog and add widgets.

Much more will come and much more will be tested. There will be a Cif2 Labs website, on which we are going to post the stuff that are currently being developed by our team, and the experiments we have in mind.

And much more is to come.

2011 will be a very exciting year 😀 

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