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Florin Muresan Answers – Running a Like Campaign

Thanks again, Florin. If you have any questions or I can help you in some way, please contact me. 

Just a question. If we started a contest or some promotion so that the person who referred the most subscribers to my site could win a nice prize (like an Android 10″ tablet) do you think it would be effective? 


Florin Muresan Answers:

Let’s see. A contest where the person who brought you the most subscribers on Facebook will win a 10″ Android tablet? 

Many people say such campaigns are not effective. And they are wrong, mostly. 

It all depends on how compeling you make the Contest message, the design of the Contest tab and how well your message reaches the audience. 

You will get subscribers to the page. That is the result. Then it’s the job of your SM Manager to keep them tuned to your communications and make them engaged with the brand. 

I ran such contests for my startup and one for a webdesign company. And I managed to make them effective. People became engaged and it built Buzz. Due to this, it resulted in people testing my platform and promoting it. As for the webdesign, it resulted in people contacting them for certain services. 

If you think that you need BUZZ and want to dedicate effort to it, then yes. It’s a must do! 

Hope this was useful, Bruce. 


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