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Digital Assistants

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Florin Muresan

Youtuber at Get Growth TV
I'm a youtuber who loves showing you different online marketing tools that help you get growth for your business
Florin Muresan
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Personal Digital Marketing Assistants

What I’ve been spending already 10 years building.

Images used are deep fakes from – their purpose is to put a more friendly face on the digital assistants I’ve created.

SEO Live Assistant

SEO Settings Assistant

Blogging Assistant

Strategy Assistant

ContentLook Assistant

Keyword Research Assistant

Website Marketing Assistant

Backlinks Assistant

Daily SEO Goals (Private SEO Consultant) / SML

Social Media Assistant

Squirrly Genius

Email Deliverability Assistant

Current Squirrly Company Products that don’t have a Personal Digital Assistant in them:

  • Starbox
  • Squirrly SPY
  • Education Cloud

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