I’ll start displaying some of the Inventions I’ve made over the years.

Inventions / Creations

the list so far: (there will be detailed stuff, with logos and everything)

  • Burebista Documentary (the most complete documentary to this very day)
  • Hunters – 3d shooter game (made in 10th grade)
  • Educational Game and Learning Platform: Haiducii
  • Saving Energy While Running (Finalist for the International Science Fair: INTEL ISEF in 2006)
  • Despre Porci si Oameni (literature piece: Won a National Writing Award)
  • To Breach Reality (literature piece: applied with it for BBC Radiophonic)
  • Bass Ground Zero¬†(Music Album: Electronica / Industrial / Drum’n’Bass)
  • Rise of the Giant (Music Album: Electronica / Industrial / Drum’n’Bass)
  • ChaoSphere¬†(Music Album: Electronica / Industrial / Drum’n’Bass)
  • Novels, Plays, Poetry, Laughs, Talk (published by Andreea Muresan)
  • Pioneering Web 3.0 through SmartSites (published paper: in 2010 I predicted the rise of ChatBots and Intelligent Agents as a natural evolution of the Internet)
  • (co-creator. 16,000 bloggers created their blogs on it)
  • Literary Awesome (literary circle. 6 published authors and 2000 community members)
  • Squirrly SEO (co-creator)
  • NoMore.Cards (a quick way to exchange details, without using business cards)
  • ContentLook (co-creator)
  • ContentLook Assistant (co-creator)
  • The Gauntlet (concept device. nerf-based weapon)
  • Squirrly Social
  • BackLinks Assistant
  • Ranking Assistant
  • Squirrly SPY
  • Website Analysis Plugin
  • – One Geek buy One Hero supercharging One Future (shopping for geek items with 50% of margins donated to schools across America who can’t afford materials for class)
  • Antreprenori Cluj
  • Cluj Startups (co-creator)
  • Open Connect Cluj (co-founder)
  • Open Coffee Cluj (co-host)
  • Education Cloud (taught over 139,000 people through it)
  • Content Marketing Academy (over 2,700 students on Udemy)
  • Content Marketing Game – Age of Startups
  • Squirrly Force (limited edition game. was sent only to very few special clients of the Squirrly Company)
  • (was an e-commerce I had)
  • Focus Pages
  • the Halloween Game
  • DMSuperstars (co-creator)