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Brand Management Trick – Ease your job and make it AWESOME

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Florin Muresan
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When doing Brand Management on Social Media you always have to be creative and great for your audience. You don’t want the clients you’re doing the Brand Management for to have their posts hidden on the audience’s walls.

On top of the fucking world


Sometimes, you just run out of imagination. So what do you do? Here, I’ll share a nice trick with you to help you be awesome, even in the days when your imagination fails you. Because, everyday has to be a #win. #win


Yup, whenever I don’t really know what to post on the walls of my customers, I just find a good MIX, type a good message on FB and Twitter, and then just share the mix. Facebook embeds it like a youtube movie, so it displays it directly. So does Twitter. Your fans will love them. Who doesn’t like music right? And it shows you’re cool and not doing spam-BM.



Be in it to #win it, friends 😉 What tricks do you use for Brand Management?

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