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Boosting Twitter Shares

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A fresh idea from Aladdin of Growth Hacking (

Thing is: few people (1 to 5 %) from your audience of readers will actually share your content.

If you invest a lot of time in making sure your content gets read by 1,000 people, you’ll get 10 to 50 shares maximum. Most probably just about 10.

So what can you do? -> Find the kinds of people who ACTUALLY share content and get them to share yours.

Aladdin’s method:

As you see, sharers are very rare – only 1 person per every 15-25.

Here comes a trick.
In order to boost shares by 15-25 times, you need to promote your content to people who belong to this rare group.

1. Write down links to content similar to yours.
2. Go to and search them one by one.
3. Switch to the “Live” tab.
4. Here they are – people who love to share your type of content.
5. Hit reply near each tweet and make everybody happy 😉

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