Pivot framework – when to pivot

// from the Growth Hacking Idea newsletter.

Growth hacking – is the final stage of any startup. There are 4 stages before. Here they are:
Growth hacking – is the final stage of any startup. Here’s what goes before it:

#5. Growth hacking (final/top)
#4. Tech: your tech is capable of handling the solution
#3. Solution: your customers achieve success – you really solve their problem
#2. Problem: you found a painful problem your customers have
#1. Customers: a lot of them – who can/want to pay (start/bottom)

If you have trouble with any of these stages – it means you need some sort of pivot.

Pivoting below changes everything above.

Started 5 June – The Marketing Education Cloud Podcast. How many listens until 23th June?

Paul and I have started the Education Cloud Podcast using Anchor FM, and so far it looks like this is an amazing choice as a platform.

With Startup Espresso Podcast we used to spend on BuzzStream and apparently, we didn’t get anything extra than what we get on Anchor for free. It’s a bit too early to say, though, and I’ll keep an eye on things.

However, let’s check how many people listened to our podcast in 19 Days.


Episode 1: SEO For Humans – 94 Listens

Episode 2: Learn how to get 10000 visits from Social Media – 59 + 120 (on Youtube) = 179 Listens

Episode 3: Continuous Blogging – 66 Listens

Episode 4: How to Clean a Website Before Allowing Google to Index It – 91 Listens

Total Episode Listens: 430 times people listened to the podcast on the Podcast Channels plus our Youtube.

Booking .com ‘s trust elements on their site. what drives conversions by removing fears.

from Aladin’s growth hacking idea.

29 tricks that help Booking.com to convert 27 million customers every month
29 phrases/tricks on Booking.com that address various fears and persuade 27 million customers to book rooms from them every month:

1. 586,000+ hotels, apartments, villas and more.
2. FREE cancellation on most rooms!
3. A list of recent bookings that refreshes every few seconds.
4. An exit pop-up “Discounts of 20% or more!” or “Save at least 20% in Rome” if you’ve already chosen a country.
5. Lowest price guarantee.
6. A clickable list with the most popular search elements.
7. Filter criteria: Recommended, Stars, Review score.
8. There are X people looking at this hotel.
9. Latest booking: X minutes ago.
10. Booking.com, #1 accommodation site + trust labels.
11. A carousel-like overview of testimonials.
12. Big, beautiful pictures.
13. We have only X left on our site.
14. FREE cancellation before {DATE}.
15. Reserve (Confirmation is Immediate)
16. Hurry! This is a limited offer.
17. 3 reasons to choose {YOUR SELECTED HOTEL}: Low rates, They speak your language, 579 verified reviews.
18. You get the best price.
19. No payments needed today. You’ll pay during your stay.
20. This property is in a good location. Guests have rated it X.
21. You’ve selected a hotel with a guest review score of X.
22. X guests from {YOUR COUNTRY} have made a booking in the last 5 minutes.
23. Your secure booking starts here – it only takes 2 minutes!
24. An exit pop-up: “The details you’ve entered will not be saved if you leave this page.”
25. Quote: “Booking.com is one of the largest and most valuable companies in {SELECTED COUNTRY}”.
26. Change of plans? Hey, it happens. You can easily modify your dates, guest details, add special requests, or cancel your entire booking before {DATE}.
27. Credit card number: No charge – only needed to reserve your room.
28. Your credit card will not be charged – it’s only needed to guarantee your booking.
29. Book this room. Get instant confirmation.

strategy checklist example when beginning a new site

  • [x]creaza site
  • [x]instaleaza tema
  • [x]pune squirrly seo
  • [x]fii sigur ca toate setarile sunt activate
  • [x]creaza pagina facebook, to secure my id
  • []gandeste ierarhie site
  • [x]pune informatii in json-ld
  • [x]seteaza chestiile de social media
  • [x]fa o pagina cu titlu original si cu keyword, care va ajuta domeniul principal sa se indexeze mai bine
  • [x]use Squirrly SEO to check for SEO errors. repaired permalinks and tagline
  • [x]pune google search console ca sa fiu sigur ca google incepe sa stie de site
  • []fa wayback machine ca sa fiu sigur ca vechimea e garantata
  • [x]fa profil twitter. seteaza imagini. pune content initial. link back to official site. seteaza username keywords seo
  • [x]fa profile facebook. seteaza imagini. pune content initial. link back to official site. seteaza username keywords seo
  • [x]seteaza Squirrly Social – sa mearga news, idei, pareri (mesaje clare, fara links), sa mearga scheduled. asigura content freshness si steady social signals. se poate face si cu alte platforme, dar cu squirrly social e mai rapid
  • []seteaza google analytics
  • []sa ma gandesc ce as mai pune aici, in fc de datele pe care vreau sa le pun in GUARANTEE for quality results
  • []sa ma asigur ca am un site cu cel putin 20 pagini
  • [x]used ranking coach like here:https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1_eUp6tOg9JP4F45Hhxh5Kps0LBkXk_4w
  • []verify competitor: wizardsunitehub (excel content audit)
  • []verify competitor: pokemon gamepress gg (excel content audit)
  • []website auditor check pokemon gamepress
  • []verify competitor: https://pokemongohub.net/
  • []in contentLook . competitors. look at their content audits. get their keywords
  • []go to Squirrly SEO (biz plan) enter keywords from them into za Briefcases. get index data. see on which pages they DO get indexed, for which keywords
  • []^^ helps me shape up the Squirrly SPY product

David (4yr old) reacts incredibly well to Gamification projects

from the monthly 30 days family-teeth-cleaning race

to the magnetic to-do board on our door, to teach new habits and good manners.

it’s incredible how well he learns by playing these games. some lessons are so well learned that they are part of his habit even when the game is inactive – say we’re in an environment where we can do the gamification, he still performs the same routines that he learned via gamification.

Fake Meat gains momentum

from the Morning Brew:

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the traditional meat industry’s weak spots—namely, preventing outbreaks among workers. The difficulty of keeping slaughterhouses functioning safely has led to plant shutdowns, which themselves have led to spikes in wholesale prices. Meanwhile, alternative meat is gaining ground on two fronts. 

No. 1: It’s picking up the grocery pace. The sector’s U.S. retail sales grew 265% in the eight weeks leading up to mid-April, according to Nielsen, compared to 39% for fresh meat. 

No. 2: Alt-meat is riding a huge funding wave. At $930 million, Q1 investments in alt-meat companies topped 2019’s total fundraising haul (yes, including Beyond Meat’s $250 million IPO), per alt-protein lobbying firm the Good Food Institute. 

  • Plant-based meat company Impossible Foods raised $500 million, while media/alt-food brand LiveKindly pulled in $200 million. 

Bottom line: While some of this momentum is driven by the pandemic, a Berenberg analyst told the Financial Times that broad consumer trends toward environmentalism, healthy eating, and animal welfare will likely keep buoying the alt-meat sector.

How to make Twitter users share your content?

How to make your Twitter followers share your content like crazy?

Here are the instructions:
1. Go to Buzzsumo -> influencers -> Twitter Influencers
2. Search your keyword.
3. Write down all the Twitter handles.
4. Go to “Twitter’s Advanced Search
5. Input all the Twitter handles in the field:
5.1. “People” – “Mentioning these accounts”
5.2. “People” – “To these accounts”
6. Hit search – here are the “raving sharers” in your niche.
7. Follow 1000 of them every day. According to this experiment, around 25% of the people you follow will follow you back.

Here’s a tool that does it automatically – SocialQuant (they have a 14-day free trial). Do you know any other tools?

About Florins

… as in more Florins… and more people with Florin name variations.

found this to be interesting:


Okay, so Open Beta it is

for the first time ever.

it took 10 years to make and get to this level of knowledge and understanding. Not talking about myself. Talking about my product.

Finally tech can act like a real human would and give solid advice with iteration steps and adaptability.

More announcements about this will follow. But had to mark the moment.