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Florin Muresan
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And this time I don’t mean it in a good way 😛

free websites
The v2 of Beta for is almost ready. I’ve made a huge re-design for the website, as you might have seen. It’s all very nice and I really like how it looks like right now. It has enough places where we can write about all the subsidiaries. Yes, we have a lot of them.
The thing is that, since we have so many, it really takes a lot of time to write about them and present them. I’ve started working on the Features Page and I thought I would finish that in about a week,.. yeah, right !
There’s so many features in, that I only had time to write some of the most important and interesting, but there also are some that people who have built websites before would just love to sink their teeth in.
Can’t wait to finish with all my exams, so that I can be focused 100% again on 😀
There’s so much I still have to tell you guys about…
See you !
– Florin Muresan

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