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9 ways to fix your retention

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9 ways to fix your retention
1. First, run a number of tests for your next potential traffic channel with a tiny budget to fix your retention. Only after that, invest the whole budget.

2. Make your visitors feel and see the truth of your promise, the real benefit (= the AHA moment) faster.

3. Get their email and create a drip campaign filled with valuable content + send event-based notifications.

4. Use all sorts of notifications (SMS, push notifications, chatbots, etc.) to reactivate your audience.

5. When people leave, ask them why. Fix the reasons.

6. Make your loyal customers feel appreciated by giving them tiny gifts, saying “Thank you” to them, sharing exclusive stuff, or running exclusive events.

7. Increase the value you deliver through your product: add absent important features or remove the ones that aren’t used.

8. Build your community, make your customers feel they belong to, and are part of, something special that follows a mission or the values they share.

9. Make your customers happy by giving them more than they expect through your outstanding customer support, awesome documentation, etc.


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