Hello all worlds from the galaxy

// this was just a TEST post made during one of my live streams


Hello this is an alien guy youtubing and typing at the same time.

I eat alien food for breakfast.

I love stuff

I play OverWatch






Unpowered Exoskeleton – invention I contributed to

An unpowered exoskeleton makes walking more efficient, by engaging a spring in parallel with the Achilles tendon. – finally someone used the notes they made during the Intel ISEF 2006. This was what Vidrighin, Macicasan Tudor and I went to the finals with.

We didn’t win the competition, but I am quite happy someone made use of this great idea! It’s almost the same design and it’s 100% the same principle that we employed for creating our own prototype back then.

A lot of people took notes from our research and presentation. I always wondered why none of them did anything. Until today: