Friendship over business

About some time ago, I think in 2012, me and 3 friends of mine started a club called Entrepreneurs Cluj


It made me realize the importance of having awesome friends, more than it taught me the importance of being all-business. Strong things happened there, bonds were built and it seems like all of us won some amazing experiences as a result of having taken part in the club.


Two other friends joined after that. All of us have really became involved in entrepreneurship activites and half of us can really call ourselves entrepreneurs right now, having received funding, selling products and services to real customers who get a lot of value from us. The other half found out what their calling was, what is important in a startup and the type of entrepreneur they want to be. They also tested out their business ideas, worked on starting businesses and even though they didn’t continue with those businesses, I’m pretty sure they’ll go on with others.


If you’re reading this, you might’ve noticed “business”, “business”, “business”, written way too many times. It’s not about business, it’s about friendship and sharing. It’s about building strong bonds that will always help you, beyond any business you’ll ever build or just dream of building.


There is a huge pool of businesses you can choose to build and there’s also a big pool of people who can become your friends (or so it seems at first sight). Choosing friends over any business helps you win in any business you’ll choose from now on.


This club was a success, but I was only able to see that after I’ve seen the results and heard the other members that I gathered around me. They all say they got something great out of this Monday Club experience.


It’s always awesome when we get to meet again, even though after 1 year, we had to end the club. And more importantly, we still collaborate on the various projects and businesses we build.


That’s why I think that Friendship always goes over Business.

What kind of growth are you aiming for:

I tend to agree with slow and steady these days 🙂 Being a second time founder, makes you take more aspects into consideration.


I say choose slow and steady, until you reach product/market fit and validate all the parts of your business model. Then, accelerate growth

Don’t lose focus on the Culture you believe in

There comes a time when you’re doing business and you’re starting to be successful. That’s the exact same time that you start encountering difficulties. Like real difficulties. Think, a lower number of clients (-50%), being sued and other crazy things that can happen.


It’s the point where Company Culture and the culture that you built or believe in with all your heart comes into play.


You basically have a few options related to how you can reply to the shit that’s being thrown at you by people, surroundings, universe, funny looking up-suited losers, etc.


Here’s where you have to choose and make the decision according to the culture you believe in. That’s the only decision that will make you happy.


You’ll run out of business soon if you’re not happy or you lose hope. Choose wisely. Care about the Culture.