On the amazing people we meet along the way in every Journey

Long journeys are experiences that shape you, improve you and have you thinking that everything great is in the journey.


Our journey at Squirrly has been amazing and continues to be so, every single day, no matter what hardships we may encounter.


What makes this trully amazing is exactly what we like in the journeys from every story that we ever read: the characters we meet along the way. I can certainly name a few. Starting with investors who helped us build this great product, the awesome team of customers that has been with us from day 1, the thousands of users who like Squirrly (a lot), our team (that has been growing lately), our partners and those who keep writing about their great experiences with our software.


One day I may write up a list of all these people. It will be a very long list, but it really should be there in the source code of Squirrly, for all these great persons that we met and befriended have helped us achieve more then we would have hoped for and we know that we can count on their countinued support.


I tip my hat in sign of best regards to all of you who should be on that list,

Florin Muresan

Founder and CEO

Squirrly UK



Just trying to prove a point about how articles get indexed fast


Great, I’ve placed a cute little image with a Squirrel right there 🙂


My blog is very old and I have a lot of articles on it, close to 500 articles that I’ve written over the years.


That’s what usually gets me indexed amazingly fast on Google. Now, there could be a little problem, because I’d switched just recently from florin-muresan.cif2.net to florins.co


But I’d still love to see how this here article manages to do if I just stop writing already and click the “Post Article” button.

Growing the team at Squirrly UK

I am lucky to have such amazing people working with me and Calin at Squirrly UK.


These last 2 weeks have been really squirrly, as we’ve grown the team. I’m happy we did, because with so much talent in one office, great things will happen for our customers.


Squirrly is about Delivering Happiness to team mates, customers, investors and partners.