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Lego Tehnic Super Car…


Buy LEGO Technic Super Car (8070) – This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built in Power Functions to open the scissor doors, extend the rear spoiler and pop the hood to reveal the V8 engine. Also features gear wheel steering, realistic suspension and moving pistons. Rebuilds into a Hot Rod. <br><br> The LEGO Technic Super Car features:<br> <ul> <li>Features Power Function opening scissor doors, hood and extending rear spoiler </li> <li>Realistic suspension </li> <li>V8 engine features moving pistons </li> <li>Steering action </li> <li>2-in-1 model: Rebuilds into a Hot Rod </li> </ul> <br><br>To be able to understand why <b>LEGO</b> has been successful for so long, just look to the name. <b>LEGO</b> originally got its name from founder Ole Kirk Christiansen who combed the Danish words “Leg Got” which means “play well”. He later realized that <b>LEGO</b> in Latin translates to “I put together.” The <b>LEGO</b> set became a standard of creative play for children worldwide, unlocking the creativity to build vehicles, buildings, cities and more. Historians point to the invention of the wheel as a major turning point in world history. The invention of the <b>LEGO</b> wheel had the same monumental effect in the history of <b>LEGO</b>, making it possible to create cars, trucks and eventually the <b>LEGO</b> train building set that is one of the most successful <b>LEGO</b> sets of all time. <b>LEGO</b> currently produces about 20 billion <b>LEGO</b> bricks a year and has sold over 400 billion LEGOs in their history — enough for every person on the planet to have over 60 LEGOs each!

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