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With Great Responsabilities come Great Internet Opportunities – You just have to mine them

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Florin Muresan

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Being the CBO of, which is currently just a small startup with a huge vision for changing user experience on the Internet and reaching web 3.0, is a really tough job sometimes, because I have to struggle with our very incredibly small funds, which we make ourselves from our other project developed in Romania and called Cifnet. We can not re-route all the resources we make with that project into this, because it is a very serious project with more then 10.000 clients. But the extra that we make, we send to our little


And there is a responsability to all this, because the idea is great and we have to work a lot to develop it, while also being fully commited to Cifnet and it’s clients. But when things seem to go South, what do you do ? Hope for the End of the World in 21st of May 2011 ? Nope, you search for various new opportunities which will fit in the very tight schedule and budget you have available.


So let me tell you, dear friends: the Internet is a gold mine of information and development potential. You just have to make your research and then you may tap into it, 100% and get your results.

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