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Why Squirrly SEO is Better then WordPress SEO by Yoast

Hi Vladimir, Hi dear readers of,

Squirrly SEO has a better checklist of SEO things that need to be done in order to reach excellent SEO. And they are made according to updates from Penguin and Panda, of Google. This one part got us respect from some great SEO experts in the UK.

We have a keyword tool that has been built specifically for SEO, with all the hacks that a SEO person needs to do to Google Keyword Tool to display proper results for him. It takes into account some of the most important things for SEO, when researching a keyword. Though I admit that I recommend using a list of suggestions from the Google tool and running those through Squirrly’s Keyword Tool, for SEO check.

We also have an inspiration box that has proved useful, which allows anyone to prepare materials for new blog articles very fast and get them out of the “writer’s block”.

More then that, all the good SEO settings that All-In-One SEO and Yoast have to offer, Squirrly incorporates. And they are automated. Plus, there are settings for Google Analytics, to make it easier to instal. Also, Webmaster Tools, Bing and Facebook META. And if you upload a favicon for your blog with Squirrly, it also generates an icon for all Apple Devices.

Squirrly comes with great customer support over email, facebook and skype. And free updates. We work continuously at improving the User Experience and we make sure that we keep our clients happy. We are a company of 5 and our only focus is Squirrly SEO.

Best regards,

Florin Muresan

Founder and CEO

PS: We were even featured on Delivering Happiness for the way we make customers happy with our product: 


[DISCLOSURE] we think that Joost de Valk is great. His focus righ now is on Video SEO, where he does a good job again. And we know that he will succeed in delivering a great product in that area. We thank him for what he did for SEO on wordpress. Now it is our time to take WordPress SEO to the next level.

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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