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Why networking is a vital part of saying I Exist

Networking is a subject that I’ve been greatly involved with this last year. I had the great epiphany that networking is important. A-hem! Please excuse me. What I meant to say was: “Networking is vital!”


Imagine the following: Nobody knows you. You are not a personal brand. How do you say “I Exist”? Remember that the Cause I started is all about saying I Exist efficiently. You can say I Exist to yourself for as much as you want. It will not be of much help. Well at least not until you figure out that saying I Exist is what you really want to do. So, naturally, you’d start saying I Exist to people you know or come into contact with. You see? Networking. The very first step to getting noticed.


We build the game that gets you noticed at When you build your Smartsite, one of the first things that you have to do is to actually network with people. That’s the most simple and most basic thing that you can do to get noticed right away. Yet, it is overlooked a lot.


Networking is vital. James Altucher, angel investor and Tech Crunch editor, said that his deepest regret is that he ignored networking for most of his life. “It’s the reason why I’m not a multi-millionaire.” he sais.


So start networking. Attend the conferences and events taking place in your city, in a city near you, find people, meet people. Say I Exist!

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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