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What does Social Media Marketing look like in 2011 ?

Florin Muresan
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A very good question indeed, considering all the changes which took place in the world of Social Media Marketing.


2010 was a good year, in which Social Media grew even further and to be 100% honest, I would say that it had a really big blast. Consider Foursquare’s 1 000 000 new users in one month milestone ! That was a feature.


But, it’s not just that Social Networks grew a lot and were happily adopted by many new users. No. They came to know a new wave of spammers and automated content, which was irrelevant to the people who actually loved the Social Media. Those very pesky methods of spam-marketing made the whole Social Media more reluctant. Some networks actually fell because about 83% of the content was automated. Yes, I am talking about Buzz. Much of what was on Google’s Buzz was just automated, bot-generated content. And this pissed people off.


So which are the biggest networks on which you “market” on the Social Media ? Why, Facebook and Twitter, of course. Twitter, after a little bit of image change, yup the Twitter bird, and the new interface hasn’t really made any rash changes just to fight off spam. On Twitter it is very easy to avoid spam if you don’t want spam. The only changes in Twitter Marketing, were maybe the Early Bird and the Promoted TTs. But that’s about it and it’s about 2 new tools which help companies.


Facebook, on the other hand has made a whole lot of annoying changes in it’s system, especially in March 2011, starting with a few basic mods, to some really serious (and crappy) ones. If you’ve been into FB marketing from 2009 or even before, you kinda feel right now that Facebook just isn’t Facebook anymore. It’s a silly little thing which seeks to please everyone and no one.


Companies can no longer have a personal profile. Yes, that makes sense, doesn’t it ? People used it because you could add friends, thus spreading your brand further. But people considered it spam. Of course, back then, there was always the possibility to suggest your Page to friends. Now the Invite Friends to Page is just a mere shadow of it’s former glory. People don’t really see those Suggested Pages anymore, because they are made very lame and invisible.


So, because of these changes, it is very hard to get people to Like your Page or just to have them find out about it. They may have taken all these measures to make Facebook Marketing a lot more difficult, to better please the basic users and to make sure companies will have to use Facebook ads, if they really want to do any marketing on Facebook.


I see a year 2011, in which companies will have to involve even more effort and time, in order to get results with Social Media Marketing.


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