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We’ve had our Happy Cif2 Halloween

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Well, I guess you’ve seen the Halloween theme, Free Ghosting or Free Hosting ? that we’ve had here.

I was expecting more accounts to be made, but didn’t push the issue further, since it’s still in Beta and there are still changes that we have to make before any Launch of the Official version of

The event was interesting, people said they liked the theme and the Tagline: Free Ghosting or Free Hosting ? is the new trick or treat ! 😀 still, accounts weren’t made, so it’s not that much of good news.

I always believe that you have to try things, to actually try many things, if you wanna get somewhere. If you fail, if you make a mistake, or it doesn’t really go as planned, that’s great ! What ? Yeah, that’s great ! Because now you have something to learn from. Living in disappointment is a waste of time, energy and potential, eventually of life. You’ve made your mistake, learn from it and move on.

Not everything you do will reach it’s target, so if it doesn’t : learn from it, try to make it AWESOME next time, or leave it be.

Anyway.. it’s important that April Todds made her account on and aaa… I’ll announce something in about one hour about it 🙂 See you soon !

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